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Fox 4: SMU thinking 1984, potential 3-0 start as it prepares for TCU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 14, 2017.

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    Fox 4: SMU thinking 1984, potential 3-0 start as it prepares for TCU

    By: Mark Norris

    SMU head coach Chad Morris and some of his assistants hit the practice field on Tuesday in 1980s-era coaches gear – including the short shorts.

    The throwback look was for a reason, as the last time SMU started the season 3-0 was in 1984. The Mustangs are currently 2-0 and have a big obstacle to get to 3-0 – crosstown rival and AP No. 20 TCU.

    SMU is embracing the challenge while also acknowledging that it’s been decades since the program has been in a position to begin a season so successfully.

    “Part of the vision of our program is sweeping the Metroplex,” Morris said during his weekly press conference. “It would be huge for this program going forward.”

    Read more at http://www.fox4news.com/sports/colleges/smu-thinking-1984-potential-3-0-start-as-it-prepares-for-tcu
  2. Is he going to start paying the players, too? You know, just for "old time's sake?"
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  3. OK, I am calling BS on the coaching attire to inspire the SMU team. Swing and a miss....that said, it looks like SMU is going to be a perfect team to challenge us and get us ready for OSU.
    Should be a good game. Hope to stuff 'em and have Kenny throwing vertical passes, while we continue to pound the running game.

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