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Forgive me

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. I get that over the years I have ruffled more than a few feathers and regret seeing some of my friends from here pass without expressing my full feelings. That is my fault.

    However I want to thank all of you for the insight and amusement over the years.

    I ask especially for prayers and consideration for a long time frog fan as his life slowly diminishes. This can be a cruel world and often we forget those we love or those who suffer as we celebrate or diminish the accomplishments or shortcomings of our favorite sports teams, TCU included.

    It would be cliché to say hug those near to you and do not fail to tell them how you feel but it is also a truism as your life extends.

    Peace to all of you and please open your hearts and minds. We live a precious life and no one says you have to save the world but you should save yourselves as best you can.
  2. I read between the lines though do not know (nor it is my business) what you are going through - but you have my attention and my prayers. I am here to talk if you ever need to.
  3. Hang in there friend. Thoughts are with you. And I hope most of us don’t take this place so seriously that they couldn’t forgive anyone on here for anything said. As I get older I find myself forgetting most of the bad and only remembering the good.
  4. You’re a good guy and I hope whatever you’re struggling with passes and you have peace. I hope that I might some day get to meet you in person and shake your hand.
    We are all on the same team even if we disagree at times.
  5. Prayers sent and consideration given.
  6. I don't post much but have read here since the late 90's. I've seen this board at its worst. But I've also seen it at its best when people come together for one of their own, whether it be a board member, differing opinions or not, or a random frog in need. Good group of people.

    Crypto (or what I suspect was your original name) - we've got your back.
  7. You're one of the good guys on here Cryto. Not sure what you are fighting and I'm not asking but you are not alone. Nobody on this board has been immune from lifes travails so we feel you.
  8. forgiveness and prayers given, but no need to forgive as all you have done is been a passionate and active member of this board

    in short, be human, and that is something that all of us can relate, but the thought is appreciated and god's grace to you and those involved near you
  9. Thank each and everyone of you for your comments and prayers.

    Unfortunately there is only one way this ends and it isn’t pleasant. It is not me but someone very close.

    Love to all.
  10. So sorry to hear that you are dealing with what sounds as bad news, and or situation. I wish you and your loved ones comfort & peace for whatever is going on.

    I obviously don't know you personally, but you as well as all on here I consider great people. Regardless of our differences in opinions, backgrounds, and social status, we are all Frog fans. You are an important part of this family. We have lost too many great ones.

    Thoughts and prayers to you & yours.
  11. Sincerest condolences and heartfelt prayers for you and your loved one.

    Go Frogs!
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  12. I understand personally and professionally what you are going through. All the best to you. I appreciate what you do here as well.
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  13. Prayers to your love one Crypt.
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  14. Crypto, you're a good dude and a solid poster. Hopefully your sadness is diminished as soon as possible, and thanksgiving and joy can replace it.
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  15. If ruffling feathers means stating an opinion or being resolute in your comments, then we are all guilty of that, I find your posts to be more insightful than many on here especially the recruiting info you post. You are in my thoughts and prayers, hang in there!
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  16. I think you might be one of the more insightful posters on this forum from what I have seen.

    I’m so sorry you are going through the pain of losing a loved one. That is never ever easy. Sending you all the positive wishes I can right now.
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  17. Prayers sent your way.

    I think it can't be said enough, I like everybody on this board, even the ones I don't agree with. The way we enjoy giving each other crap. Said it before, this is the greatest collection of smart alecs on the planet.
    No matter how crappy my day is, this place makes me laugh. (also think that folks on this board, like pretty much everywhere else in the heartland, could run things better than most of what we see on tv.
  18. Love is all. It can get heated in here, but in the final analysis we’re all brothers and sisters.
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    I’m truly sorry to hear about the terminal situation facing one dear to you. You should harbor no guilt here, it’s all in good fun.
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  20. You clearly have a big heart.

    I have never been offended by you and if I was, it certainly wouldn’t be something I would bring to the grave or hold onto for any significant amount of time.

    Life is short. Love one another, listen to one another, and don’t hold a grudge.

    I used to be so, so, petty. And also, not much of a good friend. I have struggled with self guilt and depression after losing a childhood friend. It took me many years to find a healthy way to over come those issues.

    I’m not an old, but I have come around to realizing that keeping a score over someone is not a healthy way to live (I used to be like that, with others as well as myself). Not implying your loved one is, just stating my experience.

    I hope you find peace and I wish nothing but the best for you. You’ll be in my prayers.

    You’re a solid citizen in my book, Crypto.

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