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For all intents and purposes...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. This was TCU's first real game. I'm sure the coaches got a lot to look at against Duquesne, but the players were never pushed and the game was never in line. And the officiating was friendlier. Remember how other teams have looked against their first real opponent.

    Optimistically we will improve a lot on offense, especially passing. The top teams are no longer RTDB! teams. They run because if you don't play the pass they will kill you. The past two years the four teams in the playoffs had more passing yards than running, except for Ohio State who had a little more running yards...but was still #4 nationally throwing the ball. You can be a top Group of 5 team by just being a running team, but to finish in the top 10 and have a chance at the playoffs you must have a real passing game. One dimension and good teams will just crowd the lone of scrimmage like Cal did yesterday and dare you to run the ball. And will play better offenses than Cal. If we want a good season (not a "cockroach" season) we will have to win a shoot-out. You don't win a shoot-out with just a running game.
  2. For all intensive purposes this thread hasn't gotten much traction. Maybe it just needed a trigger.
  3. Credit to OP for not falling into the "intensive purposes" trap
  4. I wished he/she would have.
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  5. So far no one triggered- kind of quiet in here. Obviously a mute point.
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  6. I agree that Cal was our first real contested game. Hopefully after a week off and the idea that the team improves from week one to week two is a real thing for us and the SMU game.
    Cornerback and safety play needs to be much better against throwing teams like SMU. Also a consistent/ persistent pass rush which we lacked Saturday is needed. I don't mind using the safety blitz but the men upfront need to be the ones causing havoc primarily.
    On offense we need to keep it balanced in order to keep the ball out of SMU's hands.

    This will be a real test on the 25th and we need to step it up like a game two in order to win.
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  7. The trigger definitely worked. This thread went 24 hours without a response. Then a flurry of activity after the first trigger. Yours is sure to elicit more responses.
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  8. Wrong thread. This one is now about egregious misunderstandings of common American phrases.
  9. Yeah, boy...off week. Going to be kinda slow and with more dumb posts.

    Yippie-Ki-Yay, MoFo. :p

    Thank you very much.
  10. Thanks for holding down the fort there; wouldn't want it floating away into an actual football discussion.
  11. Theirs always won.
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  12. Wow, I always thought is was "intensive purposes," which now that I think about it, makes no sense.

    You learn something new every day.
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  13. I had a class once where the discussion went into the difference between intent and purpose.
    I slept a lot in that class.
  14. joe-biden-bust.jpg
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  16. If we blew Cal out, I think we would be in danger of being overconfident against SMU.

    I think we definitely have a ton of talent and will be hungry to put together a full game against the ponies.

    Great teams win the ugly games.
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  17. Eggcorn
  18. It gets taken for granite a lot.
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  19. This needs to be rained in.
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