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FCS title game.....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Perfectly fitting that it’s snowing in Frisco. Should be a good game.
  2. Field should be in horrible shape. They showed the grounds crew blowing the snow off the grass and clumps were coming up.
  3. One of JMU's RBs is obese.
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  4. frisco is dallas, we sure that isn't cocaine residue from a two day rave?
  5. How is that possible??
  6. Carbs
  7. ags have had a few....javorskie lane and george woodard

    baylor had robert strait and the best fat guy running back might have been craig ironhead heyward
  8. Can we steal some of NDSU’s plays? They ran a beautiful RPO that turned into a wide open TE 20 yards downfield, although it turned out he was actually ineligible because the wideout on his side was on the LOS...still a beautiful play.
  9. big key for that working is they have a mindset they are going to run the ball, don't care what the defensive alignment is, and then punish the defense when they look for the run
  10. I can design an abundance of beautiful plays run from illegal formations. That said still wouldn’t mind having a few of those players.
  11. yeah, but this was on the WR. He was just a step too close. There were only 3 players in the backfield, so the play was designed well.
  12. The Bison are a well-coached bunch. Clockwork timing, confidence, execution, poise...

    I wish the Frogs looked that good.
  13. Damn. JMU throws a pick at the goal line down 8 with 2 seconds left. NDSU wins. AGAIN.
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  14. That was GP level of coaching for JMU at the end.
  15. Kevin Harlan has raised a very nice daughter.
  16. Seems like recruiting FCS and G5 coach/transfers is falling right into our strategy for winning the B12
  17. What FCS coaches or players have we tried to hire or recruit? I can’t think of any.
  18. JMU's time management was awful on that final drive. Broken and trick plays were big for NDST.
  19. None...Exaggeration on my part..G5 only

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