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Fans in the stands update.....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. Around 25%. What is the proximity of around?
  2. 5 - 50
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  3. 3rd quarter attendance in September.
  4. Not even remotely nervous. You and I were discussing fans in the stands if they play games. We weren't discussing whether there would be a season.
  5. Oh no no no. No backtracking now. I said there would be no fans and there wont be
  6. Just so we're clear here.... you said it had ALREADY BEEN DECIDED that there would be no fans at TCU football games and I told you that you were 100% wrong (which you were). That's it, I made no other claims about fans at TCU games or whether college football would be played.

    Here is your actual comment I disagreed with ...

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  7. Then you @ me when they announced fans. Bottom line is you said fans, i said no fans in fall, looks like you will be wrong so just accept it if you are and I wil do the same
  8. YES, I @'ed you when they announced 25% fans which 100% proved you were wrong when you said "they have already said no fans". That was the only part of your comment I took issue with. I literally just attached your comment to prove it. The end.

    Each time I interact with you I think to myself that it's impossible for you to be much dumber, yet here we are.
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  9. Ok. We have pissing contest between Moose and Big Purple. Is there any other news!
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  10. Can I just move my Doppleranger to ACS and make it my Dopplefrog?
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  11. Nope. Only game in town!
  12. With no fans
  13. You forgot LVH vs The entire 7th grade - shot out to Tanner Boyle, 1976.
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  14. I dunno...I'd probably pay a scholly fee to see a fight at Frog Fountain
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  15. I'm guessing Moose is 10 years younger than '87. While I tend to lean towards "Age and guile will always beat youth and skill." Methinks Moose might take him...

    I just want the liquor concession. That's all I ask...
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  16. I'm taking Tanner.
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  17. We should do like a greasers vs socs rumble from The Outsiders. IIRC there was even a fountain involved in that one. I'm totally Patrick Swayze.
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