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Fall Camp 8-2-22


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The serious question for me is, do we take these coaching staff comments at face value or what?

Got burned too many times by GP….during the final decade I finally figured out that if he was happy and saying good things at this point, then we would hugely suck all season.

Conversely, if he said we had been awful and needed a lot of work, we would most likely be pretty awesome.
For me, old habits die hard, so. . .

Happy Sonny pisses me off.


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From general observations over the years, interior DL are more athletic than the OL. So, at his size, if he cannot make a push for the 2 deep by now on the OL, then probably not going to hold my breath that he'll contribute to the DL ... But hopefully staff gives him a solid look in the Tarleton game, Sept 10.
How, “athletic,” do you think was Tony Siragusa? Not disputing your general point, but sometimes a big wide immovable fireplug in the middle of the defense is a great starting point.
Tony and several of those wide body/Fire plugs, Curly Culp/Ted Washinton/Warren Sapp/etc were successful because they were quick, not fast, but quick!
After 3 years, at his size, and Barlow hasn't the feet for the OL, he can forget the Nose Guard position.
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I looked at the O line many times (especially last year) and thought they should be better than they are playing.
So, after all these years of complaining about Anderson, by the forum, we get quality reinforcement by Riley. Anderson could do well in D2.
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Oh for sure. Not even suggesting otherwise. Will be interesting nonetheless.

no dissent on THIS subject matter, gourd food and flavored coffee is still [ Finebaum ], just a response on the post of the trolling coug talkings about a player who was headed to ft worth until the change