Ex- Texas Running Back Arrested

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  1. He hasn't even played a down for the Texans yet.
  2. And given McNair's policy about off-the-field issues, he may never play a down for the Texans.

    Only time will tell...

    Go Frogs!
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  3. Rewind/re-mind me -- wasn't Foreman the guy that came to UT and eclipsed that loser Dal'jay something who had de-committed from the Frogs then quickly faded to obscurity in Austin? Or am i confusing losers again? Really need a program to keep up.
  4. The facts may show that the gun was legal and the weed wasn't his. May be nothing to see here.
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  5. Bad news after getting drafted by the hometown team.....he dropped a load of $ on his boys when he got that signing bonus, not a great start off the field.....smh
  6. Nothing to see here. These players have got to learn to hang around a better group of friends. How many times do the boys from the hood bring down an NFL player. Wow just bad decisions. If you are in the NFL don't be near anyone carrying or smoking weed. He could get a contact high and have a positive test and really be screwed.
  7. Any excuse to play this clip:

    Foreman didn't eclipse Djae Johnson at RB; wHorn used Johnson mainly as a receiver and kick returner. You might be thinking of Johnathan Gray. Foreman emerged when Gray got hurt (IIRC, Gray got hurt in our glorious 2015 beatdown of wHorn, and Foreman played well in that 2nd half). Both Gray and Johnson were TCU commits who flipped to wHorn at the last minute.
  8. Not trying to start anything, I'm simply curious, but why do you/others call them wHorn? I understand it's a play on their name as the [Long]horns, but I'm not sure I get the joke/reference you're going for. Something to do with "w.h.o.r.e" maybe, mixed with horn? Just curious.
  9. Yes, whorns.
  10. If you don't think dudes in the NFL are smoking weed (and other drugs) all the time, I don't know what to tell you...
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  11. For the same reason UT folk refer to us as [ the old ricardo ]roaches or Roach: dates from the SWC days. SMU is smoo, aggy is aggy, tech is tceh; UH is coog high, and UT is wHorn. Some things just are.
  12. I would feel bad but he played for Texas
  13. Sorry, pitchforks are already out.
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  14. God the season can't start soon enough
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  15. He's a good player, I'll give him that.

    But he can go darn himself because during our game they never took their mouths off his and UT's dick. And we still beat their ass.
  16. Guilty by association - if he passes the drug test this should get cleared up. At least he didn't fall asleep at a Taco Bell!
  17. Could be right on the ownership, but if the weed and the gun are in the same car then the gun becomes a crime. Texas law is not vague on the subject.
  18. Totally worth it, bruh. That weed was on point.
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