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Even Google hates Baylor - giant penis on campus

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by McFroggin, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. On a desktop, go to Google Maps. Using satellite view, go to Baylor’s Floyd Casey Stadium. Zoom in. Find giant penis.
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    Floyd Casey?

    ETA: Yes, Floyd Casey. I thought that had been razed already.

    Floyd Casey.jpg
  3. Floyd Casey is apparently still erected
  4. Based on the position of the uprights that's approximately a 30 yard boner.
  5. It's been gone for 3 years. One can only assume that Google, like everyone else, just doesn't care to go back.
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  6. if its been there more than 4 hours they'll need to call a doctor.
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  7. Thank you. One day I’ll learn how to add images to mobile posts.
  8. It's aiming at the tarp
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  9. Even google knows there is no reason to take a picture of anything in Waco.
  10. It’s an empty field on my Google Maps.
  11. Using a desktop?
  12. Weird. I just went back to check thinking maybe some weird update just happened coincidentally. At first I saw a circular field similar to what you described, but when I zoomed in it was replaced by Floyd Casey again. Now I can't even reproduce the circular field.

    ETA: and I'm on a laptop.
  13. yes
  14. Google Earth, not Google Maps.
  15. Did you photoshop that on there somehow?
  16. When I saw the topic, I thought Briles had returned to Baylor.
  17. I just saw Amon Carter Stadium on Google Maps and it looks like they've torn down the East Side expansion.
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  18. GP didn’t like it. He said, “Tear it down and start over.”
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  19. It even has veins. lol

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