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ESPNs 150 greatest Games

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. TCU is in 4 games:

    80. 1938 TCU-SMU (L, 20-14)
    83. 1/1/57 Cotton Bowl TCU-Syracuse (W, 28-27)
    114. 1961 TCU - Texas (W, 6-0)
    145. 2014 TCU-Baylor (L, 61-58)
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  2. Where’s the Cheezit Bowl?
  3. As a biased TCU fan, the Alamo Bowl vs Oregon ended up being an amazing game.
  4. I mentally deduct anything with 61-58 in it...
  5. You don't need to be biased to view that as one of the greatest games ever. It was tied for the largest comeback EVER in football history. Coming back from 31 down, then finishing up in triple overtime? From a little private school, who no one thought even belonged in the BigXII against the "mighty PAC 12"? Yeah, that's a classic, and one of the best.

    I agree completely with you, in case you're wondering.
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  6. The 1947 game between Frogs and Mustangs is the best football game I've seen.
    19-19 tie-- Lindy Berry vs. Doak Walker with SMU sitting at 9-0 with chance at natty.
    Probably knocked Ponies out of contention for number one.
  7. Rose Bowl against Wisconsin
    Alamo Bowl against Oregon
    Peach Bowl against Ole Miss
    TCU vs Tech '06 when Manferdini wrecked Tech
    TCU vs UTAH '09
  8. It definitely was epic. We've played in some other "great games" too, in the sense that they were entertaining. 2012 WVU comes to mind which was just insane. I think this list is looking for that sweet spot between "great game" and "really important". Ultimately the Alamo Bowl didn't really mean that much, which is why I'm guessing it isn't on there. Still legendary.
  9. 2005 at SMU.

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