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ESPN 8 teams that can win the tourney. 20 just misses, including....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by One Frog Nation, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. I’ll take that. Just making the tournament has me all excited. I only recently started to wonder about our odds of making it to the sweet 16. That would be absolutely epic.
  2. Where did Pitt go? Good trade!
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    "Texas Christian didn't miss the magic eight by as much as you might think"
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  4. It is so great to have good basketball again!
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  5. I remember when "Texas Christian" beat Marshall and had a chance to beat Notre Dame for a date in the Sweet 16.

    At the end of the Notre Dame game, with a chance to win, Texas Christian guard should have drawn a foul but didn't.

    What I would like to see is those old "Texas Christian" jerseys to be worn in the NCAA. That's what Jamie wore. That's what Goo wore. That's who we are.
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  6. Those celtics style ones that Dixon wore were super cool.
  7. We got screwed
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  8. David Rivers should have been called for the charge.
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  9. Is this the best team in 50 years at TCU? Tubbs team was pretty dang good.
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    Goo, Simpson, Snake et al wore script TCU...
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  11. It'll depend on the draw, of course. I could see us in the Sweet 16, I could see us one--and-done. One thing is for sure, we have the advantage over almost anyone in terms of coaching post-season experience. That will carry you far so long as you can keep hitting teams that are no better than you.
  12. If we can get beyond the first round, I think history will see this team as being better than that Tubbs team. I can't speak to TCU teams before Tubbs though.
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  13. I wonder how much coaching experience in the tournament counter-balances a lack of player experience in the tournament. Serious question.
  14. Well, we went undefeated in a tournament last year ... was good experience for us.
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  15. That’s where I am when comparing the two teams. Now I do think that Tubbs team would score 120 against this team, but let’s not pretend Tubbs teams played any defense either.
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  16. That's why I think we all pretty much agreed last year that while in terms of outsider perception you'd rather be in the big dance, for building a program winning the NIT is huge. There kids have actually won a post-season tournament recently. That will be huge.
  17. That will happen for one game, and maybe not even one game depending on whether we can win a game or two in the B12 tournament. After the first round, every game will very most likely be against a team that is better than us. Especially with a likely 6-8 seed.
  18. Pitt capped its 0-18 run through the ACC with a first-round tourney exit. Final record: 8-24.

    Wasn't that long ago the Frogs had their 0-18 season. How far they've come.
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  19. I figured they are the old TCU and we are the new Pitt.
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