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Emergency Orders By County

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Mar 24, 2020.

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    Many businesses are giving their employees "Free Passage" letters, based on being "essential businesses". Steel thought you all might like a place you can go to see the orders coming out. NOTE, Collin County says "We're open for business!"

    Tarrant (3/24):


    Dallas (3/22):


    Collin (3/24):

    https://www.collincountytx.gov/public_information/news/Documents/20200324 Chris Hill Executive Order FINAL.pdf

    Bexar (3/23):


    Harris (3/23):

    Haven't been able to find this one; issued yesterday

    Travis (3/24):

    https://static.texastribune.org/media/files/db509d0ae441ea82d8e1fcf3106c530a/3 24 order.pdf?_ga=2.99818455.851104958.1585071702-1445303750.1585071702

    Denton (3/24):

  2. do you think the virus wants to live in plano
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  3. A bunch of people I label as “viruses” already do so you never know...
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  4. Mom showed me her "free passage" letter issued by her employer this morning. I told her the letter isn't a legal document, but perhaps it could be helpful. I'm guessing she'll never get questioned in the first place, however.
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  5. Then it’d just be a Plano virus.

    let the groans begin...
  6. Pretty funny. Not going to lie.
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  7. Americans should never need papers to travel freely within our own borders.
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  8. Agreed. If that happens, the US is dead.
  9. Geez - if those orders don’t show why if there was any justice, this virus would start and end with lawyers - I don’t know what would.

    why does it take 50 pages to tell people to stay home?
  10. Fort Bend County and several others in the greater Houston area are quickly following suit.

    Go Frogs!
  11. It’s the celebs...
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  12. I live in northern Johnson, less than a quarter mile outside Tarrant. I have been quarantined at home since the 19th. Because of my age and a health issue, I am in the High Risk group. My Doc, employer, Mrs. 4Oaks and 4Oaks children said it would be better if I hunker down at home. So, here I am at 4Oaks Villa. My employer is deemed Essential (?), so the are open on a limited basis. I was running low on prescribed meds, and I needed go to my pharmacy on Bryant Irvin near my employer. So, Mrs. 4Oaks and I made the trip down the Chisholm, and I was surprised what I saw. There were people everywhere. Lawn care guys on mowers, road crews working, car wash open, dry cleaners, insurance agencies, low T centers, Salvation Army drop off and more open and conducting business. The only thing I saw closed were gyms and sit down restaurants.
    I drove by Target, and the parking lot looked like it was the Christmas shopping season. It seems like NO ONE IS TAKING THIS VIRUS OR THESE ORDERS SERIOUSLY!! If this [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] is as bad as they say it is (I have no doubt that it is), we haven’t seen anything yet. I really wonder who is being played as a Sucker here...me or the scheisss falling all over each other in the business that are supposed to be closed, but are still open?
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor!!
  13. Harris County Stay at Home Order. For those who are worried about being stopped by police, the essential business exemptions are wide ranging. Basically, if you were stopped by police and you are involved with an essential business in any way, you just have to show the police something (badge, employer ID, anything that ties you to that essential business). Literally, you could be going to/from the bank or grocery store or gas station and say you are headed to that essential business or show the police a statement or receipt and they cannot touch you.

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    First of all, it's not as bad as the media says it is. One look at the running stats shows that. (Over 80% who get it, survive.) Government is trying to flatten the curve and taking prudent measures to ensure the health care system doesn't get overwhelmed and people who need care can get it. Second, it is getting taken seriously, but a lot of people don't understand what a Stay at Home order means. It means you stay home unless you have to go out for essential services or supplies or you work for an essential business or have to work at that essential business. When you do go out or to work you practice distancing, which means staying 6 feet away from everyone else whenever possible, using sanitizer, washing hands, covering your coughing or sneezes, etc. The landscape workers and other workers are following the guidance, so they are fine. Outdoor exercise is an exemption, so I go out and run everyday per my usual. And so on. Third, all of the safety, public heath directives, orders, etc., are not just about public health and safety. They are just as much about liability. That's to keep businesses, all levels of government, and individuals from being sued, because someone got COVID 19 and were damaged or died and they want compensation or revenge from whoever they believe they got it from. Yep, lots of people are that way. The essential business provision in the local, state, and federal orders provides the legal liability protection needed to fend off the lawsuits.
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  15. I provided free passage letter to some employees today--it is worthless as the piece of paper it is written on

    I saw 5 cops on the way to work today, with 2 pulled over. I really don't know how I didn't get pulled over by a motorcycle cop on the Chisholm toll road today as I was doing 90 in a 60. He just looked at me and smiled.
  16. So you're the one.
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  17. Yep, YA was wearing a MAGA hat!
  18. If I am constantly on the road (I'm not - I'm at home) and I keep getting pulled over and tell the police I am hangry looking for food ... would I be let go?
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  19. depends,

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