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  1. CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A proposal that would allow players to appear in up to four games without losing their redshirt status received "unanimous support at all levels" during this week's American Football Coaches Association convention, director Todd Berry said Wednesday.

    "Current rules say that, barring medical reasons, any game appearance during the season would cost a player a year of eligibility."

    Several leagues, including the ACC, have put forward proposals after the idea received widespread support from coaches last year, and Berry said the prospects for NCAA passage of the rule could happen as soon as April.

  2. I approve.
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  3. Win/Win imo. Get to test the waters to see if a kid is ready or can get there, more stability in programs due to greater experience and less turnover. Might have a kid who clicks after some game reps that a coach might have kept out otherwise because they weren't sure if they were ready. Or the kid could add some depth for an injured player until the injured player returns.

    Overall better product on the field.
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  4. I think there could be some nice benefits to this late in the season too. Plenty of kids may not be ready at the start of the season, but by week 9 they've picked up a lot more and can contribute. With this they won't have to be held out to preserve a redshirt if they can contribute.
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  5. It would have been nice to have Omar at the end of the season if the rumors are true.

    Of course, other teams had players they would have liked to use, too.
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  6. Great idea, rotate three players at a position, four games each. And none use up any eligibility.
  7. Has anybody checked on how many games Mayfield played for Tech as a freshman?
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  8. If true, would almost ruin any hopes of a smaller school winning anything significant. I can't believe there isn't more to it than that.

    Imagine Jalen Reagor or Ross Blacklock being able to play wherever they wanted next year and not having to sit out. Would absolutely destroy any kind of competitive balance.
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  9. Would other bigger schools just kick or cut a player to get a transfer like reagor or blacklock in that scenario?

    It would be a mess, bigger schools will be recruiting underclassmen who performed well.

    The smaller schools will pick up the crumbs of players dropped from these big schools?
  10. Since ESPN ruins everything I can only imagine they are behind this.
  11. I think it would have the exact opposite effect. Reagor and Blacklock are playing where they wanted. Imagine the backup 5-star Alabama and Clemson DEs who think they ought to get more PT being able to play wherever they wanted next year.
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  12. Yes. Every player they miss on would be encouraged to leave, making room for the players at other schools that they missed on and wished they hadn't. Basically every player who hadn't transferred once yet would get re-recruited again. It would completely ruin college football.
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  13. We'd be getting the kids stuck at 2nd and 3rd team from the Alabama's and Clemson's and they'd get a shot at going after the kids on our roster. I wouldn't make that trade in a million years. It basically opens up way more recruiting battles, only this time the players will be more known commodities. Sorry, hate to say it, but that is a losing proposition for TCU.
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  14. really? you think in Saban flew into town and told our best player he would be immediately be the starting whatever for the national champion favorite - that they all would just say thanks but no thanks?

    If I was an All American playing for a team that had no shot at the NC but I could transfer to the favorite without any consequences - I would at least seriously consider it

    My question is why would Alabama ever sign another incoming freshman that wasn't a 5 star - for the rest they could just sit back and poach the cream of the crop from other schools after the players prove they can make it at the next level - no risk and all the reward.
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  15. You don’t think Saban said exactly this to Reagor and Blacklock when he offered them the first time?
  16. I don’t see starters transferring, at least not from successful P5s.
  17. I sure do. If Alabama (or insert major blue blood program here) all of the sudden has a hole at DT that needs filling, I sure as heck don't want Saban or Urban Meyer coming down to Fort Worth to make the pitch to Blacklock. I'm sure he loves it here and doesn't have any second guesses, but I still won't want those guys making their pitch.
  18. I don't know. I think Alabama offers a whole bunch of kids, I don't think Saban tells them all they are going to start and be all-americans because I don't think when he makes the offers he knows for sure whether he wants them or not.

    The ones they really, really, really want are the ones they tend to get.

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