Eagles vs Falcons

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  1. Vaitai leads the way on Eagles touchdown.
  2. He’s been a beast the tail end of the season
  3. I didn’t realize until today, the Eagles quarterback is from Austin Westlake.
  4. Thought for a second I was on an old fighter pilot forum.

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  5. If the saints and eagles win, there could be an NFC championship game with both quarterbacks from the same high school
  6. I’m a Tomcat fan myself.
  7. Yep. His dad is a restaurant guy. Started Eddie V’s and Hopdoddy’s, among others.
  8. FIFY

    I'm going to the Vikings-Saints game tomorrow. My first time in that stadium. Convinced my wife we should buy tickets and pretend it's the SB.

    It's gonna be loud....
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  9. Both are solid
  10. A dad in my son’s cub scout pack flies a 16. I honestly thought those were all out of commission.
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    One or both of them will likely get a service life extension and be around for another 20 years.

    Edit:referring to airplanes not players or teams
  12. big V keeps it up at LT he's going to make a lot of money come free agent time.
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  13. There is no cooler looking jet than the F-4 phantom.
  14. Fire Sark. A shovel pass on 2nd & goal? Time to go back to college or at least to start drinking again. What a waste.

    Damn Falcons.
  15. Nothing like old double ugly. Never flew it but always wished I did.
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  16. Aviante Collins has checked in a few times as Tackle eligible.

    I have given a Go Frogs each time
  17. I'm a fan of cougars.

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  18. Liked for referencing one of my favorite sketches.
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  19. Wink's as good as a nudge to a blind bat, eh?
  20. I got a back seat ride in one...amazing. Proof that enough thrust can overcome aerodynamics.

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