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Duggan out for at least part of the year

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jake102, Aug 20, 2020.

  1. Seems like whatever needed to be done is done to help him out. Now we wait...
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  2. Man this kid seems awesome and I really hope he can be our dude. Glad they caught it and got it fixed.
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  3. Know, just the same signals. :D
  4. and?
  5. I was just joking that it's a slight positive
  6. Mayo Clinic says recuperation time for an ablation is "up to eight weeks". So partial season participation may not be a pipe dream.
  7. Yes if you are old and debilitated with significant health problems up to 8 weeks might be just right. He is young and healthy otherwise and between the time of his procedure and the Iowa State game is at least 6 weeks. That is plenty of time to recover.In fact he will likely only needs 4 weeks.
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  8. What does it take to determine that he has recovered?
  9. Definitely, time for changes has come, and not just some piddlin' graduate assistants or such-like.
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  10. Look all this discussion is based upon the idea that this was an ablation procedure. No one has said it was so all my answers are mere conjecture.

    That being said he will need to pass serial EKG's and probably some form of a stress test.and an echo cardiogram along with the usual blood tests. This is fairly standard stuff.
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  11. The reason that I am at the company I am with is because I was recruited to launch a new antiarrhythmic over 10 years ago now. Verapamil (in various formulations) was one of my first meds when I entered this industry and there's not too many of us left around with dysrhythmia marketing experience. I'm not sure you can find anyone at all left in pharma with amiodarone marketing experience. There's plenty in the pacing device industry still around. I have worked with electrophysiologists in Oklahoma, North Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado and about half of Louisiana. What always amused me about ablation therapy (for afib which was my primary indication) was how certain every card was about the efficacy of their technique and yet how often the procedure failed or produced sub-optimal results. Now it's been over a decade since the last time I was in the Heart Rhythm Institute and places like that so I'm certain that there's been some awesome advances and as you say, this is all speculation as to the procedure. The follow-up protocol you describe is familiar.
  12. so what you are saying is there is a chance you and your team in the next three weeks can develop a pill to fix max?
  13. WPW is a different from ordinary arrhythmias in that it is a tract of conductive cells that bring an electrical charge from the upper heart down to the lower heart out side the normal pathway. Where as other types of arrhythmias are irritable foci that are often very difficult to find and ablate.

    WPW can be fatal. However severing the tract cuts off the connection and stops the problem. Now the idea that Duggan has this is that it is congenital and it fits the scenario. Yes these procedures for ablation have come a long way, failures still do occur. However finding and cutting the tract of WPW is not nearly as difficult as irritable foci tracking and then obliterating.
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  14. Nope
  15. fair enough, how and appreciate the info from you and palliative.

    how about something simpler like a tablet to help the frogs put the ball in play when they have a runner on third with less than two outs?

    oh, i know it is you who has been jamming needles in the right elbow of an osuna voodoo doll
  16. I don't even know what's wrong with him but if I cared at all about MLB this year I'm sure I'd be delighted that he's not able to put on a uniform.

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