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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Delray Frog, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Will there be an opportunity to donate tickets to the local Arizona Boys or Girls Clubs to recruit some future Frogs as we have done for some bowls in the past? Anyone from the ticket office want to share info on that possibility?
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  2. From the looks of the Texas Bowl thread, TCU will be donating a ship ton of unused tickets.
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  3. This. Bowl attendance will be a disaster from an alumni perspective.
  4. Exactly why I asked the question. If we won't have many people making the trip, we should at least give an opportunity for some local kids to go to the game and cheer for the Frogs! Hopefully someone with TCU can make that happen!
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  5. I know a guy out there, thinking I might buy him and his son a pair of tickets and see if I can’t pursuade them to wear purple.
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  6. Maybe so. But TCU tends to travel respectably to bowls. That said, day after Christmas is a real challenge. Unfortunately a lot of people have already made Christmas plans with families.
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  7. For those that are interested, you can purchase tickets on TCU's website to donate to the military for $35 each. Great way to show your appreciation to our service men and women and get a few more butts in the seats to cheer on the Frogs!!
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  8. Did that tonight also!
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