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DMN: TCU roster rankings, Nos. 15-11: Breakout players are waiting in the wings

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 19, 2020.

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    DMN: TCU roster rankings, Nos. 15-11: Breakout players are waiting in the wings

    By Grant McGalliard

    As the summer approaches, it’s time to evaluate some of the top-tier talent on the TCU football roster.

    This week, we’re breaking down the top 15 Horned Frogs entering the 2020 season. Rankings are based on a mix of expected production and breakout potential, so don’t be surprised if some young guys feature here.

    Below are numbers 15-11.

    Read more at https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/t...11-breakout-players-are-waiting-in-the-wings/
  2. Bethley at #11 seems not high enough. I can't think of more than 5 guys possibly more important than him.
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  3. Why not publish an article ranking the frogs from 15-1? Oh the suspense of ranking 5 at a time!
  4. agree as the best of gary's teams have been strong in the offensive and defensive lines and bethley is a big key to the defensive line.

    think hunt and wells should be higher as someone absolutely has to step up wide receiver aside from taye.

    coy has to get better at center against physical interior defensive linemen, but he isn't the only returning starter for the frogs. myers has 13 career starts in the offensive line and hollins was a starter in 2018 before the injuries.

    all three definitely need to elevate their games, but there is a bit of experience in the interior of the frogs offensive line
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  5. I thought something like this was true about the OL but was too lazy to look it up. This makes sense
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  6. McMillon was bad last year, and Hollins was a disaster in 2018. If Hollins is playing, we're in trouble. Good kid, but just not good enough at football
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  7. coy was physically overmatched and has to get stronger

    he has shown good feet, understands angles well, but struggled against big interior defenders

    reminds me a bit of hunt in his development and the way he plays the position

  8. Hunt's a good comp.

    Also, is Q White a tackle or guard this year?

    I'm looking forward to seeing Jaquaze. He basically had a redshirt year, and we need depth across the DL.
  9. great question on white and i am curious to see how players get moved around the oline by anderson.

    thomsen had white as a tackle, anderson seemed to like taller guys so maybe he slides inside and gives the frogs another body inside to work with to try to find at least three solid guys inside.

    off the top of my head they have coy, hollins, wes, white, any myers who have played inside at one time or another, the grad transfer from csu is a possibility, you have lanz, burnette and avilla who have been in the program going on 3 years, plus hayes and bolden.

    they should be able to find 3 guys and then you still have the questions at tackle

    sorrells and pat are guys i am curious if they are going to contribute. don't forget george ellis as well. he is a guy who needs to step up or get passed over
  10. 1-10 are all Max.
  11. Yep, but are they good enough to whip up on that Bama front for 4 quarters?

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