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DMN: TCU quotable: Gary Patterson ‘not very happy’ after loss to West Virginia

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. no, that the tcu twice had the lead twice and the defense could not get off the field

    you have on numerous occasions gone out of your way to make sure we don't know all things tcu as you so please correct me, but in the baylor game this year and wvu the frogs had a lead and the defense could not make the stop

    never said the offense played well, never said the defense deserved to be in that position, or if they hadn't played well up to that point.

    simply that in those games the defense gave up scoring drives that had a part in determining the outcome of those three losses. yes or no?
  2. Defense plays a role in every game

    but calling out the defense for failing in games where the offense scored 9 pts and 10 pts is stupid and shows a lack of actual football knowledge

    did you blame the kicker for Bama loss yesterday after their D gave up 48 to Auburn?
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  3. I wish I had the ability to like this message 100 times! If LAWHCGFMP sneezed right now without saying excuse me, many would say, “See! That’s what I’m talking about right there!” PDS...HAHAHA!!
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  4. You want to know the most ironic thing...you are trying to act like you want to hold GP accountable for the entire problem - which he should be - but you are doing EXACTLY what he does and gets us into this problem

    Focusing on the D and how they failed is what he does - he is always focusing on how to make the D give up less points because he thinks that is the key to winning more

    when in reality we held something like 8 of 10 teams to under their season average this year-

    while we scored less than the avg given up in 7 of the 10 I think

    he needs to STOP focusing on how to make our defense give up less points and focus on how to make our offense score more - which means getting a new staff on that side of the ball because he can’t do it without a strong and creative OC and team

    but please - keep enabling GP by blaming the D for losing against BU and WVU
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    Right, but he also needs to start treating offense as an equal part of the team and not something whose main purpose is to protect his defense. That means using tempo more, going for it on 4th down more, not punting from the 40 yard line....all those things that other football coaches are doing now because they understand the analytics and where football is going.

    Until he does that our offense is gonna be hamstrung no matter who he hires to run it. Our offense has had no identity and I think a major reason for that is GP has made no effort to give it an identity, he just wants it to help his defense. He meddles in offense just enough to totally screw it up.
  6. All valid points and you will notice most of the teams doing those things have OC experienced head coaches so those guys are a lot more comfortable doing it

    for GP to be comfortable with that, he needs to have an OC that he has confidence in - and he obviously doesn’t have that confidence Cumbie

    he did with Fuente and he did with the Mech/Cumbie Combo until they could not call a play to eat clock and hold the lead at Baylor

    he should have fired both of them when he lost confidence but instead he seems to have asked to run a more controlled version of the Mech/Cumbie offense. Cumbie agreed to try, which is why he is our OC but Cumbie can’t figure out to actually make it work

    We don’t need GP to be more involved in the offense- he doesn’t have the skill set to match Riley on that side of the ball

    we need him to find a guy that Gary trusts to give control of the game plan and let them roll with it - which means getting rid of the dead weight on the staff so we have room for the new OCs guys
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  7. Agreed. Some want to blame Cumbie for this mess. It’s GPs fault. If a head coach isn’t surrounding himself with a staff he can trust that’s on him. I’m not sure that person/staff is even out there anymore, and if it isn’t he needs to step down. Tired of him throwing the offensive side of the ball under the bus. He seems more concerned with his legacy as a defensive guru than anything else.
  8. who CALLED OUT the defense for the loss?

    my point this entire time has been the defense had a part in this loss just as they did in the baylor and kansas state loss. were they to blame for the loss is wrong, but so is to say they did their jobs in those games and point to a state (i.e. total yards) when in the end the only numbers that matter are the points for both teams

    you never answered my question on those drives in those three games and you can't show where I exonerated or even tried to say the offense had come close to carrying its weight in those three games

    really don't care what you think of my knowledge about anything
  9. dude you are so far in the weeds this is almost as funny to me about calling out alums who can't fly in for every home game

    since you know what i am thinking I will just stay off the board next week and you can write all my misguided posts
  10. I am sure we will all benefit from your sacrifice...
  11. with you writing posts me I am sure things can only go up right?
  12. Agree, or just let SC run whatever he wants. Give him a chance to succeed.

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