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DMN: TCU men’s basketball ready to handle, forge ahead through landscape of NCAA Tournament


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TCU men’s basketball ready to handle, forge ahead through landscape of NCAA Tournament​

Story by Joseph Hoyt, The Dallas Morning News

FORT WORTH — TCU men’s basketball coach Jamie Dixon issued a pop quiz to reporters on Tuesday.

“Who knows our altitude here in Fort Worth?” he asked to surprised faces, none of which could come up with the right answer.

Dixon knew, though. Roughly 560 feet, he said, depending on where in Fort Worth a person is located. He then rattled off how the elevation in Denver — where his Horned Frogs will play in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday — compared to the elevation in Salt Lake City, where TCU had already played this season. He even threw in Phoenix’s elevation to show off his knowledge.

Read more at https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nc...ough-landscape-of-ncaa-tournament/ar-AA18DcRQ

Toad Jones

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Is the ASU game on tv? Can't find where Trutv can be seen. Hv Youtube TV, but they don't list either. Broadcast time is listed as 9 pm CS, Denver


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@Toad Jones -

What channel is truTV?​

AT&T U-Verse: 164/1164

FIOS: 183/683

Cox: Varies by location

DISH: 242

DirecTV: 246

Spectrum: Varies by location

Xfinity: Varies by location

For streaming, truTV is also available on: YouTube TV, iOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Android TV.

TCU vs. ASU tip set for 9:05 pm Central Friday night.


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A$M vs Penn St 38-22 at half. A$M looks like a team that’s never been to the dance. You can’t just go inside, get slapped and throw the ball into the air and expect to get free throws - that’s called a turnover. Surprise - you also get no points for flopping. Rookies