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DMN: Andy Dalton stepped up in Minnesota, gave the Dallas Cowboys life in their divisional race

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 23, 2020.

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    DMN: Andy Dalton stepped up in Minnesota, gave the Dallas Cowboys life in their divisional race

    By Tim Cowlishaw

    In his third start for the Cowboys, Andy Dalton was searching for something better. Of course, after seeing his team outscored 63-13 by Arizona and Washington and throwing three interceptions to one touchdown, “better” wasn’t going to require a heck of a lot.

    But his final pass of the day hit a wide open Dalton Schultz in the Minnesota end zone just a handful of plays before Kirk Cousins’ final pass fell incomplete, allowing Dallas to grab a surprising 31-28 victory over the Vikings in Minneapolis.

    It was the first win for Dallas in more than a month, the first road win of the season and yet somehow it elevated the Cowboys smack into the thick of the NFC East “race.” The 3-7 Cowboys play the 3-7 Washington Football Team at AT&T Stadium on Thursday, and the winner will be the first division team to four wins, momentarily tied (basically) with the stumbling 3-6-1 Philadelphia Eagles.

    Read more at https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/c...the-dallas-cowboys-life-in-the-nfc-east-race/
  2. Remember when the NFC East used to be among the best?
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  3. A great day for NFL games: Cowboys, Chiefs/Raiders, Colts/Pack, Ravens/Titans. All fantastic games.

    And what a story!! Andy has to be the first QB in NFL history to come back from a concussion and Covid to lead his team to victory!!!
  4. And then there's this: When Andy Dalton found Dallas TE Dalton Schultz for the game-winning score in a 31-28 victory at Minnesota, it was the first time in league history that a quarterback threw a TD pass to a player whose first name matched the passer's last name.
  5. But, it was the second pass of the game that Andy completed a pass to a Dalton. Crazy!
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  6. I could’ve swore that Dante Culpepper completed a pass to Big Bad Cullpepper Brown back in 2001.
  7. And Andy completed a pass to himself in the same game.
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  8. Brady threw two forward passes on the same play last night. He caught a batted ball then threw it again.
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