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Dish Dropped FS1

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. Dumped DirecTV in 2017 after 21 years.
    YouTube TV now. Works great!
    Can change regions by using VPN and connecting to servers in other areas of country.
    Buddy in Tampa does it to watch TCU games via YouTube TV on FoxSW.
    ExpressVPN is what I use.
  2. Sling tv just dropped Fox and FS1 and 2 yesterday.
  3. Weird--I had the FS1 at the game last weekend on my dish tailgater without any problems prior to the game.
  4. Sling is garbage.
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  5. [​IMG]
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    I would really like to move to streaming but I have a feeling that within 5-10 years, with all the new and different entities coming out and privatizing their own shows, I will be paying as much if not more than I am now.

    Just feel like streaming is not going to work out like most hoped.
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  7. I saw Direct is showing the game tomorrow in 4K. Which is cool, but would be cooler if I wanted to waste money on upgrading Direct so I could get 4k for very limited shows.

    (full story, they show the Masters in 4k and may upgrade just for that next year)
  8. Every single time we have had enough and are ready to cut the cord with DirecTV and go to a streaming service, my wife calls and negotiates and they give us more sports channels and free movie channels without a trial or anything... also added an extra line and doubled my internet. The Bill almost always drops by $40-$50 and we stay with them. It slowly creeps back up and then she calls and unloads on them again.

    I have SEC network, every fox sports channel, all the espns, NFL network, MLB, B10, Longhorn and a ton more because she’s a nightmare to talk to to.

    I also lose a lot of arguments with her.
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    Hulu has only gone up $5 the last 3 years... 40 to $45. it was the best overall value I could find. Check every 6 months on the competition, as there is no contract... and it still seems to be the best among it's peers for value. Haven't missed an NCAA D1 game I wanted to see yet. Don't get NBC in this region so that is what the digital antennae is for.
  10. scheiss dish
  11. Dish has had a bad reputation for a long time. Wonder who they will sell to. Spectrum? With AT&T wouldn't some monopoly issues come up?
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  12. AT&T is losing their arse on Direct TV. Losing millions of subscribers monthly as well. Not sure they could afford it anymore and believe they’re looking to sell DirectTV at this point.
  13. Yay? But once again, who? Time-Warner, Disney, Killerfrogs.com?
  14. How does one record things off the streaming service? Can you download a game like you download episodes?
  15. Can you use that option from Chicago?
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  16. Agree. I think that is a logical guess.
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  17. I was thinking of trying this to watch NFL games in other regions. You have to use a computer to use a VPN though right? Can’t just use Roku or whatever?
  18. I've got a feeling a solution for that will be devised too. Streaming still isn't truly a la cart. I bet we see more movement in that direction, some lightly viewed channels disappear, and ways to program all your logins for various services in one place to switch between them as easily as you change channels on now. Streaming is here to stay, IMO.
  19. It is here to stay, but someone is going to get paid. Free programming will disappear. There will be a fee somewhere. I use Apple TV and I still have to pay someone for the right to stream. Either ala carts or piggy back off a provider.
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