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Detroit Roll Call

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by SuperTFrog, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Not sure if this has been posted already in another thread, but who is in?

    There are 5 of us going, or better said:

    In +4

    How many frogs will be there? 1,000?
  2. In +1

    Does anyone know when the ticket office is notifying fans whether they were allocated tickets?
  3. C
    Check under #TCU18
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  4. IF they win the first game, 2nd game is on saturday?
  5. Don’t get off the beaten path up there.

  6. It's supposed to be Fri/Sunday isn't it?
  7. Anybody know what the weather is like outside right now?

    Just messing with you.
  8. Yes, there is always a day break on a given weekend
  9. Don't drink the water!
  10. In +1. Tickets just allocated by ticket office. Log into your GoFrogs account, check order history and click on the game. We're sitting in Section 123. Best post season ticket location I've ever gotten for anything through TCU. Makes me worried about how many fans will be there...
  11. ATO or someone can correct this if I’m wrong, but schools do not get many tickets for the first two rounds in the tournament. As you advance weekends the school gets more and more as the number of schools having to split them decreases
  12. If you can't make it:

  13. Didn't realize this is a brand new arena. From that standpoint, pretty cool to play in a brand new NBA area for the Frogs.
  14. Detroit gets a bad wrap but if you stay in the “ tourist” areas it’s really nice! Like others have said...... not a place to sightsee unless you know where you are going.
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  15. That Gif reminded me of someone I went to school with. They were from Detroit and said one of the nicest/ richest parts of Detroit is on 8 mile. Said yes there is the bad part that everyone knows about, but there are other streets that are are a lot worse than 8 mile
  16. Don't get off the beaten path. Regardless Detroit in March is rarely nice.
  17. In + 1. Arriving Thursday late afternoon and staying till Sunday evening.
  18. Similar to Horne St/Roaring Springs?

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