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DCTF: TCU earns commitment from No. 1-rated dual-threat JUCO quarterback

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. Having trouble trying to figure this sentence out.
    Here is what I think you are trying to say:
    "It should be an open competition. I like Max, but he was not nearly as good as some thought he was last year."
    However, I think you said the opposite of that.
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  2. This just my
    Fair question. Since SC is going to be here for next season, it would be best for SC to succeed. I do not think it is just coincidence that Meach is back. If SC continues to struggle, it easy to see Meach stepping in as OC during the season if GP needs to make a move.

    SC is well liked by players and staff and a hard worker. Good QB coach and great recruiter. These are the reasons that I believe GP is staying with SC as an OC for now. Kill can provide the mentorship. If it doesn’t improve, GP can switch the play calling duties over to Meach.

    I am more concerned with the OLine at the moment.
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  3. Welcome addition.. it's far better to have too many, rather than too few QBs.
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    bit of a small and dated sample size wouldn't you say?
  5. Without Collins, theres no Cheezits Bowl. Bram Kohlhausen has a bowl win. They won 11 games with Kenny Hill. Anyone else going to accomplish that? I think we both know Delton playing was GP's call. Should have never happened.
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  6. I believe the evidence is there. Elevated TB and KH. Kohlhausen was ready to go in a tough spot and situation. Collins was solid. Injuries kept from seeing a final grade on him.

    SR didn’t put in the work and didn’t seem to learn. His teammates lost confidence in him. His parents were enablers. Cumbie couldn’t force SR to give his best and work hard. SC could have benched him sooner. I do fault Cumbie for that.

    JR, what can you say? Devastating injury at the beginning of his HS senior season. Was out of FB competition for over three years. That is hard to make up at the QB position. He needs reps but hard to do others are outperforming. Catch 22 for JR. I hope he regains his form at UNLV and tears it up. Hopefully, the staff out there will be patient with him.

    Max was a true freshman and was solid as a true freshman playing behind a poor OL. He was good and bad, but that would seeme to be expected from most true freshman at the QB spot. He works hard and is a winner. That was evident on how he played and carried himself. His best days are ahead of him.

    So, you think some of us are delusional in that we think SC is a good QB coach. Interesting, I believe the evidence suggests SC is a good coach, more that the side you are coming from so far.
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  8. You are correct, I was typing on my phone while performing other tasks. My bad.
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  9. I wouldn't say that Cumbie elevated TB or KH. TB already had the athleticism but was in the wrong offensive system. Once Meach & Cumbie came, his game took off because it suited his playmaking abilities perfectly. KH didn't get better until Sonny Dykes came in and simplified the offense to fit what he could do best. Kolhausen already knew the offensive system because he was at UH with Meacham.

    Again, I don't, or haven't, seen any proof that he has elevated or coached up any QB's that he has brought in. I can give him a pass on JR, but that's it.
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  10. So to summarize, SC and Meach installed an offense that took advantage of TB's abilities, and SC doesn't get credit for that. And Dykes installed an offense to fit KH's abilities, and Dykes DOES get credit for that.

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  11. So what and who really gives any credibility to a JUCO or to an iffy ratings system? Have y'all forgotten that stud JUCO back in the 80s or maybe 90s that was the BEST JUCO QB of that year and he laid an egg here. What was that kid's name?
    Edit: Fred Taylor....geez
    Good gosh man; quit making sense. LOL....nice points. Oh, and eight, yup, I guess it is a small sample size. I just remember all the hoopla and then the big letdown.
  12. He is definitely well paid. Time to do something, but in his defense, JR, Delton, and Robinson, he didn't really have a 9 to 10 win QB due to different circumstances of each one. $900,000 plus a year and being here 6 years, show and tell time is upon us.
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  13. Fair enough. We will just differ on this one.
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