1. The KillerFrogs
  1. One would think with name Corona virus, it would originate from Mexico. Just saying...
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  2. Eso es racista.
  3. i-think-i-f186eb692c.jpg
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  4. No surprise here. Very close contact with chickens = high transmission risk.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. And I’m in College Station right now. Well, I had a good run. When I pass maybe the mods can change the “[ Arschloch]” filter to “Moose Stuff” in my honor.
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  7. who gets you gig as site pimp for jeremy and your site password decoder ring?
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  8. TCU got the Ebola trophy. Might as well let another school have the coronavirus trophy.
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  9. You can't screw as many sheep as they have without picking up a few odd illnesses
  10. So, Bo Pilgrim could be in trouble.
  11. I don't speak German so I just assumed that "Arschloch" meant "Moose Stuff"...I learned something today. .
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  12. @BigPurple87
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  13. I thought coronavirus had to do with smoking. Guess not.
  14. Don't think he's worried...
  15. Just goes to show - unless you are Nixon never go to China

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