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Damonic Williams to enter transfer portal


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I am probably the only one or one of the few ones, but I don’t see this as a huge huge loss. I mean, given how the defense played last year, it’s not like any player really covered themselves in glory and performance.

Nah. This is a Massive loss. He is a foundational player here. With losses like this, a return to the college finals is impossible. We have to retain and recruit this level.

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This really sucks. There's just no way we're going to compete until the sport is restructured to be able to keep players from transferring without limits (although in this case he hasn't had his one transfer so that wouldn't have helped). But we need to have enforceable contacts with some penalties for movement. If the sport doesn't stabilize itself soon it's going to be pointless watching. We need the modem equivalent of the 85 scholarship limit or mid-sized programs won't be playing the same game. Maybe we already aren't.


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The only realistic solution in the current time is to limit the number of scholarship players. But these kind of events are quickly going to eliminate competition. I suppose there is no way to avoid the tampering of top players that you know goes on.



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This is a big loss
He got a huge NIL increase before the last portal period. I can’t think of a reason the players can’t be put under contract. Certainly there are rules I know nothing about but the raise he got then precluded TCU from using the money elsewhere. There has to be some protection for the schools, no?
Agree and I believe that their will eventually be annual contracts for the players to create accountability and protection for both sides.


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He must've seen how terrible our QBs were doing in practice, along with the O-Line...and wasn't going to wait around to see if Hoover was healthy enough to play

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The SEC implemented a rule that players cannot transfer to another SEC school in the spring, which means that the BIG 12 is a target for SEC teams that might need a key DT, CB, or WR to make a run for the title. So if a team looks like it is not going to contend for a championship then a star player might be vulnerable.
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How much was he getting from the TCU NIL?
This a fair question. We know how much the head coach makes…and the Chancellor.
Why not know what these players are making?
They are some of the highest paid “employees” on campus. This has all become about the how fat they can pack their wallets.
Let’s see just how fat their wallets are.


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No. And I’ll give up my season tickets if we have to get in a bidding war for every decent player. Guess who pays in the end? That’s right YOU/US!!!! I’m not partaking in this insult to Amateur College Athletics.
Go Frogs!
I don't disagree with you, but if that is our attitude, then we need to stay out any Super League or drop down a division. We are never going to be able to compete with the SEC/Big 10 $ schools.