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Curious Cumbie Question

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. What did Sawyer end up doing?
    Another one, Matthews. What did he end up doing?
    I think it is real possible we never hear about Robinson again.
    Rogers perhaps had too severe of an injury to recover.
    Collins probably should have stayed at Penn to begin with. Has anybody heard where he is going?
    Some big stars in high school have it come too easy with natural talent. When they have to work hard to further develop that talent to compete or star at the next level, they are unable to step up.
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  2. The list is long until GP.....
    The dark days really were...I was in the stands

    The program was turning around under Pittman, really good group of players, several NFL players from that team...
    Then Tohill..the decline began
    Shofner...no control of the locker room, won 2 games in 3 years
    Dry..who ran the same plays several times in a row (Schultz would be a genius in this offense) never won more than 3 games a year.
    Wacker...only had 2 “unbelievable “ winning seasons during his tenure. ( NCAA sanctions didn’t help)
    Sullivan..stopped the fall, set up a good team for coach Fran
    Fran... then GP
    Regardless of how bad the OC complaints (me included) are for Cumbie, this program historically is doing quite well..
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    All I know is, that of Duggan and Collins, each basically developed elsewhere prior to arrival (Duggan by his father given that he’s the quintessential coach’s son) and are the only qbs we’ve had in about 4-5 years that don’t throw off the back foot.

    Any debate about being a good QB coach or developer has to start with why, for the love of god, that was seemingly never addressed by any of the staff.
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  4. Possibly some of the hostility toward Cumbie is also frustration directed toward Patterson..
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  5. Or maybe the other way around is more likely

    Cumbie is not a good OC - regardless of what one thinks about GP limiting his offensive strategy - he can’t figure out how to execute basic things consistently, which seems to be a reflection of just a general lack of ability to respond to the defense during the game
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  6. Wacker had actually turned the team around after suffering greatly thanks to the NCAA. Sullivan had one season that was OK. He recruited LT and Aaron Schobel, but was still not a great coach. Cumbie apparently recruits great.
  7. Sully had a great eye for talent. Aaron Schobel, if memory serves, was recruited as a QB. GMFP turned him into a monster DE, so he may have an eye for talent as well. Many "diamonds in the rough" were found by those coaches, and developed into fine players.

    Therein lies the rub: TCU can recruit good talent, but can we discern the gems from the rocks? We used to be able to.

    Oh, and I can remember being a student and hollering "Turn the page, F.A.!"
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  8. How would one go about "factually" disputing something that is almost completely opinion?
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  9. The angle of "Duggan's dad developed him in HS" is incredibly self serving. So if he turns into a great QB then it's only because of what his dad did for him and if he sucks then it's completely the fault of the staff.

    No QB gets fully developed in HS, no matter who their dad is. Max still has plenty of developing to do.
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  10. And before I get labeled a Cumbie defender or some such then I'll just say that I have yet to say that SC should remain OC and I won't be saying it any time in the foreseeable future.

    I'm not defending any coaches, simply defending basic logic.
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  11. Agreed. Max made it to the elite 11 in HS based off a lot of his dad's coaching and prep, but he really struggled in the finals with his accuracy, a trend that continued this year at times.
    If Sonny ends up staying and Max goes from a high 50% completion to upper 60's or 70% then Sonny will deserve some credit for that. It's going to take a combination of scheming and Max just getting better at making the throws, but I'm excited to see what this team could be with some improved schemes and Max just being older
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  12. Definitely give his dad some credit for what Max did in HS. Mostly I give his dad credit for his part in the genetics that were given to Max. Coaching and development aren't what made Max an incredible athlete with a huge arm.

    I'm sure his dad played a big part in Max being a tough hombre, too, which is the thing that makes me most confident about him going forward in addition to the great physical talent.
  13. The sad thing is despite the utter [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]show that you accurately described, Anderson continues to "coach" the WRs and Burns is the offensive "analyst," and both will probably be in the same positions next season.
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  14. ^this. The dude that was a terrible OC is now our offensive analysis guru. GMAFB!
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  15. Sawyer ended up at SFA, where he didn't end up doing that much.

    Matthews went to Southern Miss, didn't do much, and then grad transferred to New Mexico State. He ended up quitting the team after a dispute with the coach.
  16. What's Wooten doing these days?
  17. Because he sucks that bad. I seriously think I could call better plays
  18. Cumbie is great. Confirmed.
  19. That was you?!
  20. When it is detailed out like that, it is very telling.
    Regarding Rogers, I know there were some here that felt he would be ready and play again and even start. I doubt it. I would be shocked if he ever started at any P5 school after that injury and the sustained damage. Just reality. Feel for the kid, but it is what it is.

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