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Complete offensive ineptitude

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Nov 9, 2019 at 2:57 PM.

  1. We have no identity on offense or the ability to function.
    I’m done with Cumbie.
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  2. This offense is a joke. Can’t catch, can’t block. Coaches coach 4-star players to 2-star quality.
  3. Keep in mind, Cumbie really lost the game in the first OT and was bailed out by a mind blowing catch.
  4. What's this AD gonna do...ridiculous
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  5. Patterson said baylor defense has found a way to make one more play. Or in the case of TCU football...make one less mistake than the Frogs.
  6. Patterson learned his lesson not to throw Cumbie under the bus. He took a public lashing for it.

    This was 100% squarely on Cumbie. Credit to GP for jumping on the grenade.
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  7. So sick of this phrase.

    It’s a cop out instead of saying that we made almost zero plays and let them stay in the game to beat us because of that sad fact.
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  8. I know what I wish you would do and that’s scheiss off.
  9. At least we finally had a complete game on offense!

    [Should I save this comment for the "positives from today's game" thread, or are we finally done with those?]
  10. What complete game?
  11. Completely inept.
  12. Please define complete game?

    EDIT missed the sarcasm.
  13. Gary is actually killing whats left of the guy's career by keeping him in a role he has failed in so badly.
  14. Since you’ve literally posted the same thing a hundred times, what exactly do you want him to do?
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  15. Rhett Salem needs to be gone. The only thing is posts is about Donati. Weird.
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  16. That was the biggest mystery of the game for me. "How could the QB make such a lovely throw, and the WR make such a completely ballet-like move to secure the ball, get his legs out straight, and stick his off hand down in the end zone for the TD like that? We haven't been able to catch a damned thing for 4 quarters, and they display that?!?"

    There is such amazing ability amongst our players. It is a terrible pity that it is being squandered.
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  17. o_O Offensive performance during first 60 minutes was atrocious. Damn shame that Defensive performance during regulation was wasted by the Offense's ineptitude!
  18. this, for those who say there isn't talent are just wrong.

    what is frustrating is that the same guy who missed the 3rd and 5 throw on the frogs final offensive series made an incredible catch to keep the frogs in the game. yes, the 3rd down throw wasn't good, but neither was the 4th down touchdown.

    reagor makes an incredible catch in stillwater, but can't come up with the touchdown in the second quarter. pro wells made the leaping catch against smu, but drops a perfect throw from max.

    this [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] has gone on for three years and it doesn't change with years or experience.

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