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Colorado Pre-Game Thread

Virginia Frog

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I was there. What a coming out party by the freshman Pachall and a learning game for Verrett. Great game.
I just remembered that the next weekend we played at Air Force.

I talked to GP afterwards I shook his hand and said to him "Hey we're 1 and 1" and he replied with disgust "Yea, we're 1 and 1." I was being Mr Optimistic. I'm sure he would have liked to have that BU game back.

His Mom, Sister, Bro-in-Law and I chatted for well over an hour after the buses left. BIL was a 'Skins fan too! They were driving back to Kansas. She was a very nice woman and told me she'd see me in the east (since we were joining the Big East at the time) - his Dad said nothing!

Virginia Frog

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You should have heard the sportsmanship announcement drowned about by a chorus of F TCU.
Oh, that's right CU is an upstanding AAU member. They have nothing but geniuses on campus. They are sooo much better than lowly TCU who couldn't get "in" the AAU if we tried. (Since our focus is on the undergrad not "research" - a bunch of nerdy guys sitting around talking about weird stuff!)

Those smarty pants people need a course in manners!