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College Free Agency....

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by AroundWorldFrog, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. It's starting. I guess now there are no limitations on athletes wanting to transfer.

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  2. Time for college football to either accept this, or recognize what they really are.
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  3. If he had been coming to TCU that would not be happening.
  4. Tate Martell going to throw a tantrum if he’s not eligible at Miami
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  5. Not sure what you mean here.
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  6. Did anyone allegedly call him a white supremacist while at OSU?
  7. If they want to claim to be academic institutions that just happen to have intercollegiate matchups, andand wh the well being of the student is the most important thing, then they probably need to accept that transfers with immediate eligibility are probably OK.

    If they want to be a semi-professional D-League for American Football and the other revenue sports (which is what they really are, imo), then competitive balance needs to be factored in and restrictions on transfers should be part of that...but that has other implications too, especially on player compensation.
  8. Gaming the NCAA system on a loop hole...
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  9. Yeah, I think this is somewhat of a one off scenario. NCAA wanted no part of dealing with the racism stuff. Al Sharpton started talking about it already. No way the NCAA wanted to deal with backlash if they forced him to sit out a year.
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  10. Maybe true, but is a crap decision . They opened Pandora’s box.
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  11. I don't understand why it has to be one or the other. How about "students are important, but so is competitive balance if we're going to have a product that the public is interested in". Do you think everyone would be better off if football was a club sport with no scholarships so student-athletes could play wherever they want all the time?

    Nobody could give a crap about watching these guys play their sport if it weren't for the schools, the conferences, and by extension the NCAA. Justin Fields and all his 5-star buddies could start their own league and I wouldn't spend one second watching them or caring a\one damn bit about it. That's how valuable these guys are without their attachment to a school. And all the money that is generated that allows the football teams to fund 85 scholarships every year to mostly kids that wouldn't go to college otherwise is possible because the structure that is in place generates fan interest. I don't see any problem at all with the NCAA drawing as hard a line as they want to in cases like this. If the kids don't want to play along, then go find another organization to play under.
  12. Maybe they have. Maybe they haven't. However the NCAA did not want the following headline in papers across the country: "NCAA denies eligibility to student who experienced racism at previous school"

    Not really the hill they feel they need to die on.
  13. What a disaster. And Martell should certainly be allowed to play immediately.

    They should probably just open it up for immediate playing time for everyone. Set-up a time (January 15 - Jan 31) for college free agency and have at it. Every year you know that 5-10 guys will probably transfer off each team.
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  14. Not arguing your point, but a lawyer can argue racism whether or not it occurred and use JF’s case as the precedent for immediate eligibility. I truly hope you’re right in your premise.
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  15. Prove to me someone didn’t call him that. That’s the card I would play. NCAA can’t prove it didn’t happen
  16. This is ridiculous. I want to tear this corrupt organization to the ground. They better let every transfer play immediately now cause I bet unfortunately most of them have heard a racial remark during their college experience
  17. Which is pretty funny to me. He seems to lack intelligence.
  18. Not a bad idea...gotta back up the 2nd signing day a bit to around March 1to account for lost dudes because certainly scholarships will open.

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