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Clutch Points: Chargers GM has high hopes for Quentin Johnson next season


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Chargers GM has high hopes for Quentin Johnson next season​

Story by Dan Fappiano


Wide receiver Quentin Johnston didn’t live up to his first-round pick expectations as a rookie, blocked on the Los Angeles Chargers by Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. But with the Chargers going a different direction at WR heading into 2024, general manager Joe Horitz thinks it’s Johnston’s time to shine.

Los Angeles traded Allen to the Chicago Bears and released Mike Williams, who ended up signing with the New York Jets. From no higher than third in the pecking order to probable WR1, Johnston is expected to improve his game rapidly. Horitz is confident in Johnston’s ability to do so and his role in Los Angeles’ passing game, via team reporter Eric Smith.

“That’s what a lot of rookie seasons look like,” Horitz said of Johnston. “But he flashes some really impressive traits and the good thing is when you’re looking at your roster, you’re looking at it all the time, you’re watching film all the time.”

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