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Clemson loss looking better

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by StinnettFrog, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Beating North Carolina not that big of a deal. Beating Duke is pretty impressive.
  2. maybe, but how does a team that beat unc and duke loss to yale by 9 at home
  3. How do we blow a 15 pt lead.
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  4. i have seen the way the frogs have taken care of the ball at times and the poor shot selection.

    that is different than beating unc and duke and losing to yale. then again this is the duke team that lost to sfa so losing to a .500 clemson team on the road isn't impossible
  5. This just makes our loss to Clemson worse. We had them beat but we let them off the hook.

  6. Just saying in the eyes of the committee assuming we win enough games could get us some leeway
  7. Would have been a even better win. I hope WVU has an amazing team and we are not just making them look like they do.
  8. 32 pt blood bath last night cancels out the close Clemson loss..... we now have to beat WV in FW period.

    Beat OU Saturday (is a must)
  9. After last night's beat down nothing look very good.

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