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Chancellor, B of T Must Demand and Approve Gary's Shake Up

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hell Sent Frog, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. There needs to be honest and professional evaluations of Gary's entire coaching staff and major changes seen on offense and special teams coaching.
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  2. Do any of them care/pay attention enough to what’s gone on to do something? Honest question.
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  3. When application/enrollment numbers dip, they will care.
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  4. They should probably stop raising tuition then.
  5. Not really

    our Trustees are not here to run our athletic program

    unless something unethical, illegal or was a regulatory compliance risk occurred- they focus on things beyond personnel decisions within our athletic staff

    most I know like football and our fans but not going to take a position to force VBo or ADJD to take an action they wouldn’t on their own
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  6. This is a very concerning view of things especially considering we have a very inexperienced athletic director who has little or no background in football.
    Our current AD is not in a position to provide an honest and professional evaluation of Gary's coaching staff.

    TCU leadership needs to hire an outside professional to help them evaluate Gary's staff and help them pressure the head coach to make important changes,
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  7. If you have to hire an outsider, then you need to fire the head coach and hire the outsider.
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  8. Not really

    If our BoT starts doing things like that - then they aren’t doing their jobs

    and if VBO doesn’t think ADJD can handle the job - then he should replace him with someone he does think can handle it

    and if ADJD thinks Gary can’t do his job - then the same thing

    you aren’t success by hiring outsiders to do the jobs of your staff
  9. Everybody needs a boss, even Gary Patterson.
    If the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees need help in independently evaluating Gary's coaching staff they should get outside help with it.
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  10. I don’t want to see the BoT anywhere near the personnel decisions of the athletic programs or the academic programs or virtually all positions at the school. If VB doesn’t retain their confidence then they need to replace him with someone who’s vision and operational acumen are more aligned with the interests of the school. Aside from that...stay off the personnel lawn.
  11. Why do you assume that he doesn’t have a boss?

    Or that they can’t do their own evaluation on whether he is doing what they think he should doing in his job?
  12. I'm not sure I understand what the big deal is?
    TCU was mediocre in the 60's, the wheels fell off in the 70's and continued through the 80's and 90's. The Sun Bowl was the first confirmation that TCU could do better.

    We've had a great run, but isn't it time to accept long stretches of 5-7, 4-8, 3-9 or worse seasons?
  13. No sir!! We aren’t Aggies! They hire an AD for that if it’s necessary. Good grief
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  14. The AD does that have football experience. He's still really young and protégé under Del Conte. Most likely the option is to hire an outside expert.

  15. You bring up a good point. A football power like TCU should always try to have an athletic director that has a good background in college football.
    But we don't.

    As TCU's history has well shown, the Chancellor's and B of T's time is well spent with regard to safeguarding the success of our football program.

    The Chancellor and Board of Trustees should at least demand to see Gary's evaluations of his entire coaching staff and have a critical review done.
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  16. Let’s talk about what can happen when the BoT is involved in athletic hiring and firing because of wins and loses. Disregard corruption or other character issues. That’s another matter.

    UTx is a jiffy case study. Every successful president of UTx has been a master politician, balancing “constituencies” represented by other political appointees on their BoT. Politics kept Coaches Royal and Brown on the job after they were no longer getting the job done. Politics got Macovic (sp?) fired— he was aloof and not Texan— and good ole boy David McWilliams hired.

    If a BoT takes an active role in evaluating any university employees, they’re not necessarily experts and they can get it wrong.
  17. We have 1 guy everyone would agree is qualified and 1 that knows a lot of people that would be qualified

    beyond that they are all fans really - just like the rest of us

    I feel confident no one in that room really wants to butt in...
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  18. This will never, ever happen, while GP is here - he answers to no one and in fact, it's just the opposite. However, he does listen to Enis, Lowe, and LT and they probably are on the same page - GP, you need to do something. Who's to say we won't have another year in '20 like this or last year? We are drifting back to our old DNA, time to reverse course.
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  19. You really are a T shirt fan, IF your serious. I cannot tell. I hope I'm wrong.
  20. Maybe we should take a deep breathe and let GP do his job. During the season, he said he would evaluate SC and every coach after the season. He will speak with every coach and every player and take action. He has done that every year.

    Did anyone expect him to call out SC again to the media after we were just eliminated from a bowl game? He has been rightfully roasted for his emotional comments about SC after the SMU loss and for other poor comments, too. Why should he say anything to the media any way, especially when the local paper is against us? When you go 5-7, you are going to get criticized no matter what you say. The results speak for themselves.

    If he decides to let the current coaches stay in their current roles, then the future results are on him. This is his baby. If he can't fix it and it gets worse, then the AD has to step in and do his job. If he doesn't then he will go down with the ship, too.

    And if you - the die hard TCU fan - are so upset with GP, give up your tickets. Find something else to do on Saturday and let GP turn into Archie Bunker on the sidelines: screaming at his assistants and players in front of a bunch of UT, Tech or Baylor fans. I don't believe that will happen. GP will fix this.
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