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CFN: TCU Football Preview, Best Players, Top Transfers, Season Prediction, Win Total 2024


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TCU Football Preview, Best Players, Top Transfers, Season Prediction, Win Total 2024​


Remember the Horned Frogs? The unappreciated Big 12 team might roar back fast: 2024 TCU season preview.

It’s impressive how quickly TCU has been blown off, underestimated, and while not totally forgotten, ignored.

Including the two defectors to the SEC, TCU is still the only Big 12 school to play for a College Football Playoff national title, and it still holds the distinction of being the last program to beat Michigan.

But this year, the new parts from the Pac-12 are fun and shiny.


  1. TCU College Football Preview 2024
  2. TCU Football Preview 2024: Offense
  3. TCU Football Preview 2024: Defense
  4. Key To The TCU Football Season
  5. TCU Key Player
  6. TCU Football Top Transfer, Biggest Transfer Loss
  7. TCU Key Game
  8. 10 Best TCU Football Players
  9. TCU 2023 Fun Stats
  10. TCU Football 2024 Win Total Prediction: What to Expect This Season
  11. 2024 TCU Football Schedule
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CFN is usually way off on TCU football, but this is such a middle of the road preview, it’s probably not far off.
If TCU can avoid injuries, they could surprise some people. Our front line starters are pretty good, but our depth is not so good. Injuries will be a big determiner in TCU’s level of success this year.


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It is an even year. TCU does well on even years, 5-7 each of the last 3 odd years. Strange pattern, so maybe we need to schedule light OOC in odd years.