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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by robbroyy, Nov 9, 2019 at 6:12 PM.

  1. Thinking of who may be available and who GP would be comfortable with, 1 name came to mind - Derek Dooley.

    He’s currently OC at Missouri and the staff could be in trouble. He’s a former head coach which Gary would like and he’s a former NFL WR coach which would help us immensely!
  2. Appalachian State head coach Eliah Drinkwitz.
  3. G5 head coaches aren’t leaving a head job to be an OC
  4. How about ECU’s OC? He just scored 51 on SMU. They are 3-7. May need a new job.
  5. First year OC but they have really found themselves offensively. Scored 43 on a good Cincy D last week. I wouldn't hesitate to give him a call
  6. Donnie Kirkpatrick, he’s 59. Graduated in 1982. Don’t think we need to be getting older.

    That staff in its first year after coming from James Madison.
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  7. Who’s the bu receivers coach? Not for OC, same job with a raise

    Haven’t seen MO play but Dooley would be worth a call with his pedigree.
  8. Who do you think Cumbie will hire as OC once he takes over as HC?
  9. At this point, I'd takeShultz over Cumbie.... Dude keeps ripping my heart out and losing by 1 score, to teams we shouldn't lose to.
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  10. Shawn Robinson
  11. I would look at the Wake Forest or Appalachian State guys.

    No more ruining our defensive players' efforts.
  12. I'll take a random name from the phone book at this point...
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  13. Perhaps but it would be a raise for him so I dont see how it would hurt to approach. This is what a good AD is paid to do, make appealing offers to bring in talent with multiple options. I'd take the App st Off coordinator at this point.
  14. I certainly would never leave a head job.
  15. Chad Morris has been fired at Arkansas
  16. ABC = Anyone But Cumbie!
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  17. hmmmm. Never?
  18. How about Eric Bienemy, the Kansas City Chiefs' offensive coordinator? Most creative offense in all of football.
  19. And he’s going to leave the NFL for the Big 12 to be a COORDINATOR?

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