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Calling all Frog Baseball fans!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ftwfrog, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Disclaimer: This isn’t your typical “these boys need our support” thread. Darn that!! Very little effort needed (which is right up most of our alley).

    We are 14-11. Our RPI is in the 80’s. Now our ace has a neck cramp. We’ve had a string of bad baseball followed by some bad luck.

    That luck changes tonight! It’s up to us!! Si se puede!

    We’re not asking you to beat rush hour traffic to get here from McKinney, blow off happy hour with an important client, or get a divorce to make it to the game. I think the crowd will be fine this evening, no matter what our record is.

    All we’re asking is for a tiny bit of effort from us fans. Break out those “lucky socks” from football season. Park in a different spot at the game and that will be your new lucky spot for our 10 game winning streak. Rent a LeBaron to drive to the game. Embrace the clapper.

    If you’re not going? We won’t shame you, like I said just a little effort. Put on a full baseball uniform and go slide around in the dirt before the first pitch. Watch the game from your lucky chair.. hell, watch the game with no pants on, but lord dammit, change something up!

    As for me, I’m switching to light beer for the tailgate and am switching back to cheese popcorn instead of that homoerotic rainbow popcorn that my kids have been picking out. The Orange has gotten us to Omaha the past 4 seasons and then I started letting my damn kids make choices. A lot of these home losses may be my boys’ fault. Kids are dumb. They’ll complain but our frogs need us.

    Please let us know what tiny effort you’re going to make to kick off a run of stellar baseball.
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  2. I respectfully disagree sir. If your significant other is keeping you from Frog baseball, then you probably don't need that kind of negativity in your life. Get the divorce, but let it wait until Monday. See everyone at Lupton. The next 200 feet starts tonight. Go Frogs!!!!!
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  3. Every game I’ve been to, we’ve won (I think.)

    So I’ll keep it the same.
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  4. Get your ass to Lupton!
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  5. Since 2016 the Frogs are 47-1 in games played the same day/night that Mrs Pharm engaged in amorous congress with good ole Pharm. While I take umbrage at the notion that this would be a "tiny effort" as you suggest, I will let her know momentarily about her contribution to the cause.
  6. You should have posted a wrestling gif before the game. I'm blaming Pharm.
  7. 48 times since 2016&. I’m gonna try than congress stuff instead of what im doing
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  8. You had me at homoerotic.
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  9. 49 (47-2)
  10. Those are just the days it coincided with a TCU baseball game. Pharm is either the luckiest man alive or a superior liar.
  11. Could be both. Not mutually exclusive. But I did marry very, very well. Just sayin’
  12. You know the rules...
  13. First liar doesn’t stand a chance.

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