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Discussion in 'Bear Banter Forum' started by Opintel, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. April 1st at 1915. Televised on CBS College Sports!

    A great chance to interact...you know, discuss mutual love and respect. :ph34r:

    Do I still hear crickets on this board? Indeed.
  2. Baylor returned pretty much everyone from a team that was solid last season. We did well against them last year, but we are certainly facing an up hill battle against them this year.

    Hopefully the outing versus DBU got the bats going, our pitching has been stable enough to win games if we can get hits and stay out of double plays (I think we have hit into 23 or 24 already this season).

    See you all at the ballpark.
  3. Rah Rah Rah - Great game for the spectators!

    That was also the first college baseball game on the CBS Sports Network formally known as CSTV.

    But, still..........

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