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Breaking down Usain Bolt


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For you Olympics junkies that are also skeptics, you may find this article interesting. There is an awesome chart that shows the fastest forty 100m times in history. Every single person on the list has been caught doping except Bolt. In a 12 month span, Bolt’s time went from 10.03 to 9.69, when most sprinters would kill to shave a few hundredths of a second off their time.

Every time the 100m record has been broken by more than a few hundredths of a second, the runner has been caught doping... The last person to have the record who did not to get caught at some point in his career was Donovan Bailey at 9.84. Bolt beat that run by .15 seconds.

The stats show virtually every Jamaican sprinter tested positive at some point despite running way fewer tests per athlete.

Also, it is almost statistically impossible that out of 7+ billion people, three of the five fastest runners on both the men’s and women’s side come from a country half the size of the metroplex.


I realize the American team is very strong based on our population...but we are ‘Merica and are the best at everything.


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Someone said "Thunder?"



Raymond Stewart -TCU alum, only man in the 1988 Olympic 100M Final (Ben Johnson) that has never tested positive for PED’s but his Jamaican runners got popped in 2010. That was before Bolt but his name made the list as “Coach”.

if i recall correctly raymond has been given a lifetime ban from coaching due to his role in providing runners with ped's
Runners from the Caribbean, running at TCU go almost back to when Bubba was running at TCU, not when he started coaching. There is an ESPN 30 for 30 that profiles all the runners in that 1988 Olympic 100M final and how they each used PED’s. Stewart was the on clean one in that race basically. They hang him as a PED coach and I wondered if the Jamaicans just said “everyone else is doing it, why don’t we”? Sort of like SWC football recruiting in the 1980’s.