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Bowl Projections Post Week 13

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. Liberty Bowl - TCU vs Kentucky

    I think TCU fans would much rather go to this bowl in Memphis vs the Cheez-it Bowl two years in a row and it would give Gary a chance to redo that loss to Georgia there.

  2. I mean all things considered that’s not awful. And attendance would likely be decent as I would think UK fans show up for that.
  3. We would probably go to the Liberty Bowl if invited. IIRC, they passed on us last year soooo..........
  4. We’re more attractive now with a new young star QB. But as usual it’s about money so depends on expectations of travel I bet.
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  5. Better chance of freezing rain in Memphis.
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  6. Big 12 likes to spread teams around and not go more than once every 6 years if possible with exception of New Years Day Bowl and Alamo.

    I could see Dallas or Orlando being possibilities before Memphis.
  7. dallas would damn near be punishment in terms of a bowl game
  8. oh I remember all those slugfests we had with Mizzou. I am glad we get to go at it again. ;)
  9. We aren’t going to Orlando.
  10. Sure?
  11. I’m not.
  12. Bleacher report projections would suck, especially seeing the other match-ups

    Texas Bowl (December 27): Oklahoma State vs. Missouri

    Holiday Bowl (December 27): Iowa vs. Washington

    Cheez-It Bowl (December 27): Kansas State vs. Oregon State

    Camping World Bowl (December 28): Notre Dame vs. Texas

    First Responder Bowl (December 30): Florida Atlantic vs. TCU

    Music City Bowl (December 30): Virginia vs. Kentucky

    Liberty Bowl (December 31): Iowa State vs. Cincinnati

    Arizona Bowl (December 31): Wyoming vs. Arkansas State

    Alamo Bowl (December 31): Baylor vs. USC

    Citrus Bowl (January 1): Wisconsin vs. Auburn

    Outback Bowl (January 1): Penn State vs. Texas A&M
  13. The Doggie Bowl- there are no bad bowl games! I’d like to go back to Cheetos!
  14. Looks like this historic series is all tied up, at one game each :)

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