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Boise St. may be the first domino to fall...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MCFROG III, Apr 22, 2020.

  1. Boise St. has furloughed HC Bryan Harsin & athletic coaches an attempt to recoup @$10 million in losses accumulated to date due to COVID-19.
  2. Does he not have a contract?
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  3. he does, but boise is having employees that make 40,000 or more to take a furlough this summer
  4. Maybe Idaho is like Texas in that he is a state employee and the state has sovereign immunity. Just ask Coach Leach and Texas Tech how that works.
  5. “subject to applicable state law and regulations”
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  6. They're just not paying them for like a week.
  7. They’re probably having to donate their salaries to the $EC

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  8. Force Majure baby!
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  9. Part of this is the never ending arms race to get students, the dorms that are more like apartments, the student centers, the never ending construction boom on all college campuses. Get the money and spend it fast. The college version of live for today.
  10. exactly - a bunch of people are acting like this is some HUGE deal

    they are furloughing every employee that makes over something like $40k and how long is based on your pay scale.

    But the shortest is 4 days and the longest is 2 weeks for the highest paid employees.

    Well guess what - Boeing, ATT, GE, PPG, Ford, GM.... are all doing the same type things. I doubt any of those are going "down" because of it.

    And other companies are not even giving people "the time off" via a furlough - they are just cutting pay 20-30% across the board but expecting everyone to still work 2080.
  11. What? A week furlough?

    I thought they'd been caught giving free pizza to recruits again...

    "Death penalty! Death!"
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  12. Okie State likely next......
  13. to be caught giving recruits free pizza
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  14. The question isn’t why are they doing this but why isn’t everyone else?
  15. Shouldn't all these univeristies have some reserves/endowment funds they can use to help with payroll..

    "Oh I am sorry mr/miss coach ...we have $34 billion in endowment and cant use it"

    Yes I know how endowments work but it is a croc.
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    Only 1 institution has anything close to a $34 B endowment. Here are NCES numbers from 2016: https://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=73

    Curious. Knowing costs of every enterprise, including education, will only continue to rise, and knowing that eating into endowment principal will only drive up future costs further, how much principal should a university be required to sacrifice to meet current emergency demands?

    And why should universities have to use the financial gifts hard working individuals gave them to invest in perpetuity when the government is bailing out individuals, small, and large businesses?

    What do you say to the donor whose gift meant to support the university for hundreds of years gets their gift snatched away so we could instead divert US taxpayer money to a cruise line that evades US taxes by incorporating in a foreign country?

    I’m having trouble reconciling the position that employees of only certain types of employers (eg, small businesses) are deserving of emergency bailout money while others (eg, universities) are not.
  17. A P5 program brings in mountains more cash than Boise...

  18. Understand...I was just throwing out a huge number for grins

    agree with you on your points

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