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Bob Stoops - New coach of Dallas XFL franchise

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by West Coast Johnny, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/25946033/bob-stoops-returns-coaching-dallas-relaunched-xfl

    Former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops is returning to coaching as the head coach and general manager of the Dallas-based franchise in the new XFL league.

    Stoops was introduced in a news conference Thursday by Oliver Luck, commissioner of the XFL.

    "At first I thought it probably wouldn't be for me," Stoops said. "But through our discussions as a family, started to think this would fit us correctly."
  2. Uh, the "Dallas" team will be playing in ARLINGTON. (Would have been a nice detail to add.)
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  3. This move by Stoops really surprised me. Would never have thought he would take a job like that.
  4. Next Cowboys coach.
  5. Why is there going to be an XFL league when there is already an AAF league?
  6. XFL was actually announced before the AAF but the AAF apparently put things together faster.
  7. Of interest in regard to college football:

    "XFL commissioner Oliver Luck confirmed to USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday that his league also would consider signing younger players not yet eligible for the NFL.

    This alone would be a huge disruption to the college game, in which NCAA rules generally restrict player compensation to the cost of attending college. Soon a bidding war could break out for elite high school or early college players. Before this, the only real option for elite amateur players in the U.S. after high school was college, then the NFL."
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    You mean UTA's Maverick Stadium or Globe life Park.
  9. Cravens Field
  10. Sharing a stadium with the Dallas Cowboys of Arlington?
  11. Now I'm gitt'n riled up...damn those idiots with no locational awareness.

    Screw Dallas
    - A. Carter (might have said it)
  12. Well there goes "the history of heart issues" excuse......
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  13. Must have went to the same miracle worker as Urban
  14. Family must have got tired of him being around the house.
  15. They're going to play in the Ballpark in Arlington.

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