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Bleacher Report: NCAA's Charlie Baker Says $2.8B Settlement Will Be a 'Glue' to Keep Conferences Together


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NCAA's Charlie Baker: $2.8B Settlement Will Be a 'Glue' to Keep Conferences Together​

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NCAA president Charlie Baker is confident that the 10-year span of a recent $2.8 billion settlement will serve as the "glue" that helps to prevent power conferences from splitting and forming a separate entity.

"We now have the ability to move forward with the assumption that we're all going to be one big, maybe happy, family moving forward," Baker said on Monday, per ESPN's Dan Murphy.

On May 23, the NCAA and the ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, and Pac-12 agreed on a monumental settlement that would resolve three federal antitrust cases and allow schools to compensate college athletes. The detailed terms of the settlement are still pending and need to be approved by a federal judge, which may take several months (via Murphy).