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Before u get all giggly and puffy about the abundance of QBs

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by WyomingFrog, May 8, 2019.

  1. Let’s review the bidding (and the real story behind the scenes) that led us to the point that Frog Coaches were actively searching (somewhat desperately) for another body at the QB position -

    Qualifier: some of this is opinion and some of this comes from someone inside the program and I won’t tell you which is which for fear of outing the source.

    1) Collins as an option is extremely worrisome and resigns the team to a mediocre (or worse season) and Coaches cannot accept that. My guess is he will transfer after sitting the bench the whole season.

    2) Rogers is very very concerning and this is no secret. Fans do not want to hear that and try to shout down any ideas along those lines but I don’t think his foot will ever get better. Others can see it too but will not comment on it but unfortunately it’s true. My guess is he will transfer also. I don’t think he will ever be a P5 QB. If he does ever play a P5 game - one good hit on that foot and he will retire from football. I don’t think he could ever in a million yrs stand up to a brutal B12 season and I’m not the only one who thinks that.

    3) Delton is a shockingly poor passer but a very good runner. He GREATLY disappointed Coaches in Spring Ball with his passing which is why Coaches were out looking for another QB. He is not a B12 QB. He should be a RB.

    4) Duggan is exciting ! He is the future, but he is absolutely not ready and won’t be ready for 2 years. And the Coaches know that but say good things about him to encourage him and keep him working hard. But no stinkin way is he ready to be a starting QB in B12. He absolutely needs to redshirt and then sit another year after that (and gain 15 pounds!). Coaches know that Duggan could be ruined forever by throwing him to wolves as an undersized little freshman (OU and UT would destroy him and beat him up badly). Dalton (who was a future 10 yr NFL QB) struggled terribly as a freshman in the stinkin Mountain West Conference. Throwing Duggan into the B12 as a freshman would probably destroy him especially since he is not ready.

    5) The new QB commit (Williams) is simply not a P5 QB. He is a tight end. End of that story.

    6) Baldwin - Did well in Ohio St Spring Ball minus two bad throws (interceptions). Threw 35 passes in that game. Minus those 2 bad throws he was much better than the highly touted transfer (Fields), but unfortunately for him Fields was promised the starting job. Fields is a horrid passer but great runner so OSU is going to be spectacularly bad this coming season.

    Bottom line ...........




    Some here will scream and cry and throw tantrums and be enraged and try their utmost to kill the messenger but that won’t change it

    Baldwin and Duggan are the QBs going forward for foreseeable future
  2. Our resident troll weighs in.

  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Now we are supposed to believe this guy has contacts in the program...Ha Ha
  5. Looks like we got some Democrats on this board.

    Got no facts ?
    Got no info on your own ?
    Know nobody in the program ?
    Never observed players at practice or film ?
    Haven’t spoken to a player ?
    Haven’t seen in person the players ?

    No matter !!

    Just use the typical slimeball Democrat technique............

    Simply insult the subject and ignore any or all facts and pursue a factless and baseless strategy of throwing mud.

    We now see clearly who Democrats are on this board and it ain’t a pretty sight. Keep children and women away from these people !!

    Yikes !
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  6. You're dreaming in technicolor AM radio waves if you think for a second anyone on this board gives a damn about your "input"
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    well you are definitely not an MD and poorly informed if you think that a hit on Rogers "foot" has anything do with his injury reoccurring in the future.

    You could hit is foot 1000 times and not affect his past injury - recovered or not - since that is not the from which the issue is derived - and I am an MD and have had discussion with other members of the medical community that do have an understanding of his situation, so I feel confident in my assessment.

    Basically it would be like saying hitting someone's hand when their arm is numb from a stinger in their cervical area will make the stinger worse...

    So - if you are looking for facts - then I would say neither you or your inside source has any understanding of his injury and thus are just making up crap about his condition.

    There - does that make you feel better about someone responding to you with the "facts"?
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  8. FIFY
  9. Recommit to your meds.
  10. Run the damn ball.......
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  11. Trollita is that you?
  12. Now we see very clearly who the stinkweed Democrats are on this board. Funny !

    Same Democrat tactics every time ! AOC couldn’t be prouder of some of the libs posting in this thread.

    Hilarious! Always easy to smoke out the libs on any thread. Same lib tactics every single time.
  13. well good - now this can be moved to the political board...
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  14. One of the worst "bits" on here, which is obviously saying a lot.
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  15. Whatchorazz who you call a Democrat...
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. Froglash, FlyFish and Banker -

    Plz go back to your heroes AOC and Bernie Sanders. Your lib Democrat tactics are not wanted here. Bye bye Dems !
  18. assuming you are going to start with the Hitler discussion any moment? those with no facts always do in the end.
  19. This is lovely.
  20. ISniffMaleBottoms returns.

    He is....inevitable.

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