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  2. Aka GET ME THE scheiss OUT OF WACO
  3. Hilarious
  4. That was awesome.
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  5. Just read through this again and noticed @ShivasFrog voted. Miss that guy around here. Crazy how he retired and suddenly didn't have time for us anymore.
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  6. I'll let him know.
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  8. I don't like them even that much!
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  9. FBT: Do you know how many _______s it takes to screw in a light bulb?

    Muser: Uh...err...no.

    FBT: Oh, you don't? Well I guess I'll have to ask somebody else, then.
  10. So has Baylor hired Saban, Sweeney or Meyers yet?
  11. It’s Dabo. But he’s got a big game tomorrow so they can’t announce it yet.
  12. Lots of smoke that Rhule is now gonna take Snow to Carolina as his new DC. Rhule driving the BF’s bonkers.

    I hope Lynch comes out early and Rhule drafts him too.
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  13. Lynch already announced he's entering the draft. Like the day after Rhule bolted.
  14. FIXED
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  15. They might not make a Bowl next year
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  16. As did Arnold... I believe that leaves only 3 starters returning defensively
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Rumor out of Waco is Dabo's going to pull a Broadway Joe and sign a 10-year contract to coach BU under the goalposts after the game.
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  19. i hasn’t heard but if that’s the case their O and D lines could be really, really weak.
  20. Maybe these interviewees are finding out what kind of penalty Baylor is going to receive and are backing off.
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