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  1. 61-58! 61-58!
  2. Seems that all the 61-58 noise disappeared after the 2017 62-22 cutting by the Frogs....GP could have easily let the clock run when it was 55-22, but he knew 62 would trump the 2014 game....Almost displayed a little bit of thug there....
  3. Dunno about thug... But sure as hell displayed a level of pride and absolute demand for respect for our program that made me extremely proud as a Frog.

    I like that Coach Gary MF Patterson.
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  4. Baylor is losing to OSU this weekend. Calling it now. Yeah, yeah, I know..... I’m bound to be right sooner or later though. Right???
  5. Should have lost last weekend. Frickin refs. wow.
  6. It's rather long, but worth the effort to read...

    Go Frogs!
  7. Worth the read. Wow, some baylor folks just operate in a bad way, no matter where they move.
    I know there are baylor folks who are glad Briles is gone. Some of them (regents) took a lot of crap for doing the right thing by moving to get rid of Briles. But for those who continue to defend that scumbag:

    From the article:
    Does it matter more that Art Briles built 4A Stephenville High School from a non-competitive program into one that won four state championships in the 90s, or that one of his players there was accused of raping a fellow student in the spring of 1991, and that when confronted by the victim’s father, Briles said, “What do you want me to do?” and continued to play him?
  8. Ramsay. Figures. When baylor moves next door ... worry.

    Briles did not end up in Mount Vernon by accident. Multiple sources confirmed that initial contact with Briles was made by Leigh Anne Ramsay, who now lives in Mount Vernon with her husband and kids, who worked for Briles at Baylor as Assistant Director of Campus Recruiting. She connected Briles with her husband, Landon Ramsay, who attended Baylor law school and worked a district attorney in Waco until 2018 before moving back home to practice law in Mount Vernon.
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  9. They are bereft of honor
  10. Holy [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].

  11. Umm has he been to Waco?
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  12. Is it? The particular author is nails on a chalkboard for me. I know she means well but it reads like a 10th grader trying too hard.
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  13. Beat me to it. Mosley couldn’t possibly be more “Baylor”.
  14. To each his (or her) own.

    Go Frogs!
  15. Well, the article exposes some disturbing [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].
    Briles just gonna briles.

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