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  1. They can’t handle the week-in week-out grind of Division I.
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    Don’t you have to maintain a certain level of home attendance numbers over a certain number of years to qualify for D1 status?

    Tarleton actually hit those numbers?

    Edit: never mind, was thinking of the true D1, not this FBS/FCS crap.
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  3. Major Baylor tears by a Baylor grad:

  4. Dorks. Bunch of dorks that have nothing to hang their hat on
  5. Seems easily triggered.
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  6. Baylor is trash.

    That is all.
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  7. We live rent free in their heads.
  8. The irony of a Baylor fan calling out GP for fixating on 1 game several years ago while trying to be clever in dropping a subtle 61-58 dig.

    1:01:58 = 61:58.

    Buncha dorks.
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  9. They think it’s so funny too. But then again they also allow rape.
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    You left out Oregon. Otherwise an accurate list.
  11. Apparently this guy blocked me. I can’t imagine why. But there are ways around that.
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  12. I know the building they will remodel for that hotel. Hard to imagine how those rooms would work out well.
  13. Shiplap.
  14. Well, you know what I always say...
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor !!
  15. Many of us paid money to get out of it.
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    Apparently there was a shooting near Baylor’s campus today. Locked down the school for a bit I believe.

    One guy was shot in the arm in his apartment or something like that. No life threatening injuries per my understanding.
  17. For some reason this made me wonder what Ahmad Dixon is up to these days.

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