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Basketball should be top priority - the NIL and unstable Big 12 accentuate the need

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by This ain't Chopped Liver, Jul 21, 2021 at 8:08 PM.

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    TCU needs a top twenty basketball program. This could have been a “dream big” priority after entry into the Big 12, strengthening their standing, or front porch, on the national stage. The NIL accentuates the need for basketball as football is more the domain of large passionate booster bases of flagship universities. TCU can better compete in basketball with only 13 scholarship players needed. Be like Duke and Gonzaga. And now there is Baylor basketball. Baylor will likely go all in with the best new arena and facilities - they have plans. Houston Cougars will likely direct NIL money to basketball.

    Daniel Meyer Coliseum maybe should have been razed, as it seemed foolish to spend 80 million dollars on the Hall of Fame, athletic offices and player facilities all encasing a 1960 seating bowl in which the floor was just dropped four feet. Now stuck with it. Even encasing a new arena with athletic infrastructure seems like a bad idea - what happens when the seating bowl needs to be upgraded again. The 113 million spent on AGC for two levels of east side luxury seats is maybe a number that could have built a swanky new basketball arena with luxury seats/suites and maybe even a swanky new practice gym. A most demonstrable setting of the table to entice top recruits, coaches and for pursuit of a top twenty basketball program.

    Football may be a necessary priority for TV revenue, but competing for a national championship is likely fool’s gold. Flagship state schools and Notre Dame have 80,000 plus seat stadiums, expanding luxury player facilities, and now NIL deals for 85 plus recruits; all being stoked by large passionate fan bases for competitive advantage. And they don’t want to lose to or even play little ol’ TCU or Baylor. Would you if a Texas alum, it does nothing for Longhorn ego. If a Longhorn I want the SEC or Big Ten.

    TCU got lucky with an outstanding and unique coach in Patterson. He returned TCU to the Power Five, for a while anyway. You don’t need as much luck for a basketball program - an endeavor on more equitable footings, and with a DFW recruiting base. Fuel 13 basketball players with NIL deals. Basketball is a five month season of 34-40 games and can be a top twenty program over the longterm - a needed front porch for national exposure and a fun rallying point for alumni. Baylor, UH, and Texas Tech basketball are visible... Baylor front and center. TCU needs to find as much or more passion for hoops as it has for end zones.

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