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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. So.,.uh anyone gonna comment on the Dawkin’s Comment from today?

    Gotta be honest, could have been just a comment . Seems like other than Barker, what else could there be?

    Anyone know anything, or what may come of this?
  2. Bruh [ What the heck? ] I post here pretty regularly haha. And usually make good contributions.

    Im literally getting opinions
  3. ha I was just kidding, sorry I dont know anything.

    Hey did you see see game of thrones?
  4. Does he have proof? Otherwise I couldn’t care less. I just assume EVERY program is cheating.
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  5. No that is my point. Seemed like a weird shot. Nobody even knows context. Will blow over.
  6. Pachall said 90% of the football team would fail a drug test. Yeah the numbers weren’t close. Dawkins is about as much of a loser as you can get. I think there is as much truth to this as Coach K not knowing Zion mom was getting paid.
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  7. What was the comment? Haven’t seen anything on it.

  8. What did he say?
  9. What’s a Dawkins?
  10. after reading those comments i am pissed i tell you........staff full of cheaters and last year is the best we can do?????
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  11. Yah, we(whomever paid money) definitely didn’t get a return on their investments. Unless a dumpster fire was the end game.
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  12. not quite the crappy roi of the f.a. dry era where the frogs cheated their asses off and got a 6-40-2 record in 6 swc seasons.
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  13. Impressive
  14. I don't put too much trust into a convicted felon.
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  15. He wasn’t at the time. Just saying. Honestly DGAS either way.
  16. Well, we almost have a whole new staff now so I am not worried about that comment.
  17. It's actually Dokken, the 80s glam metal band.
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  18. He does seem to be back for the attack.

    I’ll show myself out.

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