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Basketball Roster Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, May 10, 2019.

  1. so we got a new commit today. Either someone is leaving or someone isn’t coming back.

    Bane and Samuel are hardly on draft boards...

    So. Overseas or come back? Idk.

    I can see maybe Lat or Barlow going possibly? Just based off production.

    Anyone know?
  2. My bet is that Bane returns.
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  3. And samuel doesnt?
  4. The roster is a complete crap shoot at this point..It’s as cobbled together as anything I’ve ever seen...Check back in OCT..
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  5. My gut tells me Bane and Samuel are back and it's either Lat or Barlow not returning. If I had to guess it would be Lat leaving first.
  6. I've just never seen where projects or works in progress come to fruition iat TCU.. Vladi was perhaps the lone exception as he improved so drastically between year 1 and 2.. Typically, if someone arrives here and can't get the ball into the bucket in year one, they won't in years 2, 3 or 4 either.. Samuel is a beast down low though and a keeper but the other guys I'm not sold on..
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  7. Good assessment of our State of the Union. If someone leaves, believe it's Lat.
  8. Every team’s roster is in flux these days with grad transfers and draft entries and kids trying to make grades. Our roster will be changing by the day but our coaches will put together a good one!! It’s a new era in recruiting these days.
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  9. Has to be maddening as a coach to turn the roster over so drastically year after year. There are a handful of coaches used to it, but the large majority will have to start adjusting.

    The other side of the coin, coaches will also start encouraging players to move on if they aren’t cutting it. No reason to carry dead weight. See Olden last year.

    Two way street and players will have to recognize that as well.
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  10. I really don’t see Lat leaving just because we haven’t brought in a replacement. You don’t take a guard to replace a forward. No coach wants to only have two bigs when he can find capable guys to bring in. The Dennis pickup makes more sense if Bane weren’t coming back.
  11. Isn't Lat related to Alok even tho he looks like Noi??
  12. One thing that would make sense is if one of the incoming freshman didn't qualify, going to Junior College.
  13. Last night a coaching friend of mine invited me to go watch the Prep Hoops event here in Fort Worth. Called Mayhem in the Plex it featured 64 teams in 4 age groups. I saw several ‘20 and ‘21 kids who look like they will be worth watching. I saw a kid named Posey that we’ve offered who looked very good at PG. it was very entertaining and enlightening that there are so many really good players out there and not just in the shoe company clubs.
  14. The three shoe brands do a great job organizing, but the independent scene could do a better job consolidating across the country because there are talented recruits who don't play in UAA, Adidas or Nike EYBL. Maybe PepsiCo can get their Gatorade brand to sponsor a league and Coca-Cola can get Body Armor to be a sponsor. Expansion of exposure is a good thing, it can be really helpful for non-major metro area talent to face better talent as opposed to playing weaker, regional or local talent and being unprepared for the next level of play.

    The independent AAU scene needs to do a better job with data collection and distribution as well.
  15. Looking to next year our roster construction doesn’t give one much hope. We are almost totally devoid of size and depth. We don’t look to have a very good defensive team and don’t look to be a very efficient offensive team. Outside of Bane our three point shooting is very suspect and we are going to need Fuller to be dynamic.
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    Graduation was last Saturday, I think. Does anyone know if JD Miller graduated? He was a sociology major.


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