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Baseball @ Tech - Game 1

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TooColdU, May 16, 2019.

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    Game is on Fox Sports SW.
    Stats: https://texastech.com/sidearmstats/baseball/summary;team=away

    Frogs go down in order in the 1st.
    Lodolo gives up a single because we had an infield shift and the 3B was way off the bag, but retires everyone else.

    Top 2nd
    Rizer singles
    Isola GIDP
    Shep singles but then is thrown out by a mile trying to steal 2nd
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  2. TCU goes to Lubbuttock and is still in the Dallas area. The giving end of the battery has an ugly name.
  3. Lodolo, looking solid
  4. Lodolo is quietly having an amazing season. He’s currently projected to go #7 overall.

    6-4 W-L
    2.33 ERA
    85 IP
    103 SO
    19 BB
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  5. too bad he can't rely on a bull.pen.
  6. Ugh. Lubbock homer TV.
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    Lodolo fans his 5th batter of the game.

    Still 0-0 going to the 5th

    Apparently Schloss isn’t going to be at the game tomorrow. He’s attending his daughter’s graduation.
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  8. Lodolo is cruising. Need the bats to get something going.
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    Top of 6th

    Watson singles.
    We get thrown out at 2nd again. Again it wasn’t even close.

    Guenther strikes out.
    Henry gets a 2-out double.
    Rizer grounds out.
  10. Unreal. Pitcher spikes 2 in the "dirt" with no outs and Watson on first and he doesn't go. Pitcher spikes a 3rd on a 2-2 count and he gets thrown out trying to take 2nd. Next pitch Gunther Ks.
  11. And we lose a run thanks to [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty base running again.
  12. Lodolo may be throwing his best game of the year. Very efficient with this many Ks. 72 pitches through 6 innings.
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  13. 9 strikeouts for Lodolo through 6.
  14. Thanks home plate ump...
  15. Shep gets caught stealing again. 3rd time the Frogs have gotten thrown out at second base. This one was pretty unlucky though. The ump stopped the passed ball.
  16. 1 out and another caught stealing on a spiked pitch. Bad break this time as the ball hit the ump and fell right to the catcher. Would have hit the backstop otherwise. Next pitch was a K swinging. This game will go 18 innings before the first run is scored. Lodolo will pitch them all especially for Keith Law.
  17. Lodolo K’d 5 straight batters. 6th flied out to right.

    11 K’s total tonight.

    Going to the 8th.
  18. TCU 7 hits to 2 and its still 0-0......dang
  19. Just about a base runner every inning. Nearly half have been thrown out at 2nd.
  20. Actually attempting the sac bunt with Hump and he fouls off the first 2. Goodloe singled up the middle to lead off. Hump finally gets it down on the 3rd try.

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