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Baseball postseason thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog-in-law1995, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Figured we need one of these since we won’t have any game threads. Florida is up 8-3 and OU is beating Miss State 7-5.
  2. Also, I can’t root for LSU, but I like the hell outta this kid...

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  3. Now MSU up 9-7 over OU bottom of the 4th
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  4. For some reason I hate all of these Mississippi State players
  5. Its hard to watch or care about this tournament without us being in it :(
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  6. What tournament?
  7. I do hope that OU beats MSU though. I want them out of the tournament ASAP.
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  8. 12-10 right now OU top of the 7th one out...
  9. 3-seed Washington beats 2-seed UConn 7-1 in the opening game.
  10. I am not impressed at all with that baseball powerhouse MSU. I just know we were playing better baseball at the end of the season than this team is right now.
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  11. Good god, OU is up 20-10 over the dawgs. That is ridiculous. And now the next batter up gets hit by a pitch. This team is getting walloped. How in the world did they get in with a 31-25 record? They are bad. Period.
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  12. I disagree. Love the NCAA baseball tourney. It's not as good watching from the couch instead of at a tailgate in the Lupton lots, but it's still great.
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  13. TCU is one of the Top 32 teams...that’s just not how it works.
  14. I will root for them, just so everyone can argue over their lack of scholarship requirement.
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  15. It’s just game but I’ve seen them play a few times this season and they’ve never impressed me as a team.
  16. Was about to post that the Indiana pitcher was figuratively melting down but it may have been more of a literal case. Kid looked like he was gonna die between each pitch.
  17. ^sad......8-0 Aggies now
  18. Like Tech, they have great attendance.

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