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Banned twice in July

Discussion in 'Killer Frogs Support Forum' started by asleep003, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. After 10 years of never being banned as a member of KFc ...now being banned twice in 3 weeks. Nor
    have any of this poster's wording/phrases ever required new wording, in parenthesis, due to vulgarness.

    - first time banned for usage, in kind, to a poster, though my response/replies certainly felt less abusive.
    - - then moderated shares in responses, yet still being called a "misogynist", without response from self.

    - second time was not even given the post/reason for ban ...except that I had violated the rules of KFc.
    - - still waiting on a response why... unless this post is considered a serious, ban for life, rules violation.
  2. I called you a misogynist because you're a misogynist. You're also a racist. You created the rules, live by them.
  3. Sometimes people just need to have a vacay. One shouldn't take it personal.

    Ours is not to question why...
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    At least you finally learned how to spell misogynist correctly...
  5. Only twice?
  6. Really a good one, Raw Frog !!
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  7. If you were only banned twiced then you just weren't trying ...
  8. Back in the day I spent more time on "vacation" than not
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  9. we need an executive order regulating bans!
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  10. Still think i'm holding the record for 2 bans with in 3 weeks, even though no bans before....for things that ya'll wouldn't have been banned for ... calling someone "The Donald of KFc" who was nicknaming me worse/and still is ... and don't have a flying clue on #2 ban... this one not offered to me.
  11. You don’t understand the things that went on back in the bad old days. Band were only the tip of the iceberg. Unannounced visits to your office, hands the size of frying pans being placed around your throat. You would have prayed for only a ban of a few days.

    the horror...
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  12. Scott...then Wes suspended me a bunch...a la PGA Tour...they didn't publicize the fines.

    It was usually just for a day or so but it got rhe point across for a month or so...
  13. I’ve had several reprimands and rightfully so. Live and learn. Mine were worthy of time outs and the admin that assigned it to me was very respectful and all is good. The site has rules. I disagree with some of them, but I get it.

    I’ve been a “panic edit” poster ever since my last warning.
  14. I think bans and other sentencing should be made public for our entertainment. They could then put another banner over that alert as well. It’s a win win, kfc makes $ and the perpetrator/cyber criminal has learned a lesson.

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